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Episode 104: Thinking Out Loud

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The "Any Man's Jumper KAL" w/ me and Elly (Elly's Knit (In') Sanity podcast. Join the official thread here (one post per person, please!)KAL chatter thread hereGourmet Stash Fibery Tribbles "Obligatory Box of Chocolates"Gynx Yarns Glitz Sock "Gold Saucer" 
A few new editions to my Etsy shop this week:

Episode 103: Sleepy Kristin

Noteable Links: 
Any Man's Jumper / Sweater KAL #AMJKAL (Ravelry: Chit Chat / Official Thread ::unlocked 3/22::)KnitGirllls Afterthought Heel Sock Tutorial (YouTube)Chain-ply as you Turkish Spindle (YouTube)The Dyer's Notebook DAL (Ravelry)

Episode 102: Knitcation 2014

This week I chat about my first Knitcation of 2014. (Knitcations ... yes, this is a thing.) While Dennis went snowboarding in Tahoe, I took two days off to get my knit, spin, and dye on.

Some good news! YarnGasm is back on iTunes!!! Same RSS feed and all - the only downside is that previous episdoes (below 101 are not available ... YET.) Click here to read more on Ravelry.

Off the needles, I have one finished sock using Gynx Glitz Self Striping in "Fat Tuesday".

Also, Me and Elly of Elly's Knit (in') Sanity podcast are hosting a "Any Man's Jumper KAL", which will run between 3/22 and 5/3.