Thursday, December 11, 2014

Episode 126: Grizzly, Manly, Woodsy


  • The Ornamental KAL is still going strong! Really enjoying all the projects everyone is posting in the Ravelry thread. Keep'em coming! Thread will be closed 12/19 for prize drawings from Sunshine Yarn Fun and One Geek to Craft them All. I will also be giving away a skein of my hand-dyed yarn. #OrnamentalKAL
  • As part of the Knitmore Girls' 25 Days of Enabling, now through 12/31 enjoy 5% off any Voolenvine Yarns item! Use coupon code: 25DaysOfEnabling out checkout. Search their Instagram tag #25DaysOfEnabling for more holiday deals!
  • D-SPAKAL: Come 1/1/15, I will be hosting a D-SPAKAL (aka Drop Spindle / Shawl Knit-along) - We'll be drop-spindling enough fiber (approx. 400 yards) to knit a shawl/scarf. In the meantime, warm up your drop spindles, choose your fiber, and pick yer poison project. More on this soon!
    Also, check out this blog post from Sweet Georgia about calculating fiber quantities for spinning — interesting and helpful!
Blue Birds of Happiness Ornaments
Yarn: My handspun Spun Right Round fiber


  • I put a large dent in the Endurance Shawl I'm test-knitting for Elly of FO & Dye. Yarn is Voolenvine Yarns - Blitzed Fingering / Poe
  • One sleeve of Dennis' Ranger Cardigan is actually finished! One more sleeve to go! REALLY hoping to have it all finished in time for Christmas. #PipeDreams
  • About half-way finished on my second Christmas sock using my hand-dyed Lush yarn in "Holly Jolly"
Yarn: Jill Draper Makes Stuff / Esopus Sock "Drinking In the Saddle"
Purchased at Gauge + Tension


  • Last weekend I stopped by Gauge + Tension and nabbed a skein from of Jill Draper Makes Stuff  - Esopus / Drunk In the Saddle
  • Also for Black Friday, I treated myself to a pack of Gourmet Stash's Harry Potter-inspired Luxury Tribbles in "Hedwig" ... not to be confused with the Broadway musical, "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"
Gourmet Stash Luxury Tribbles in "Hedwig" / Drop Spindle by Aaron Makes Stuff

Many of you have been asking me for tips on starting your own podcast. I briefly discuss this in the episode but at some point, I will write a separate blog post about it.


The next shop update will be Friday, December 12th, 2014 / 1pm EST. 

I also posted a poll in the Voolenvine Yarns Ravelry thread: What's your favorite Voolenvine Yarns yarn base? I'd love to know! Leave a comment in the thread to enter to score 10% off your next purchase in my shop :)

If you haven't signed up for the Vampire Romance Club, do eeet! Space is limited.  You have until January 1st 2015.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Episode 125: Lots of Stuff!

First, I would like to apologize for only wishing the east coast of the US a Happy Thanksgiving, last week — talk about a mega brain fart! You know, I really did mean to wish everyone in the US a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you got to spend time with friends, family, and eat ALL the FOODS!


- Apologies for only wishing the East Coast of the US a happy Thanksgiving, last week. Talk about a mega brain fart! I really did mean to wish the whole US continent a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope it was delicious and you got to spend time with friends and family.

- The Onrament-a-long KAL is still underway! If you haven't joined - pop over to the Ravelry thread and check out all the gorgeous and adorable ornaments everyone's knitting up. The KAL runs until December 19th, 2014, when I'll be drawing winners for giveaways. So far, we have prize donations from One Geek to Craft Them All and Sunshine Yarn Fun! If you would like to donate a giveaway prize, just PM me on Ravelry :)

- The living room of our apartment has now become my office — hence, the new background.

- New episodes of YARNGASM will be posted on Wednesdays by 6pm, EST. You can watch via YouTube, iTunes, and my blog.


- Beeswax Hat - Pattern by Amy van der Laar / Voolenvine Yarns - Magpie DK, "Moondrop"
- Blue Birds of Happiness - Spun Right Round Handspun / Mystery Batt
- Seahorse - Gynx Yarns / Glitz Sock - "Golden Saucer"


- 1 Favorite Sock finished - Voolenvine Yarns - Lush, "Holly Jolly"
- 1 Afterthought Heel Vanilla Sock - White Birch Fiber Arts - "Does this Rainbow Make My Black Look Big"


- More handspun from Spun Right Round fiber

... more show notes soon!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Episode 124: "Orna-Mental"

It totally slipped my mind that this week is Thanksgiving! So I wanted to squeeze in a quickie episode before everyone starts disappearing for the holiday - and because I probably won't be around to record this weekend, as well.


  • I'm still OBSESSED with knitting Birds of Happiness out of my handspun.  As of today, I have six total! 
  • When I said, "Put a bird on it." I was referencing Season 1, episode 1 of Portlandia.  Check it out on Netflix! :) (Mature audiences only)
Another "Bird of Happiness" ornament, knit out of my handspun from Spun Right Round.

Voolenvine Yarns - Deco Worsted "Faerie Hair"
  • This week I'm in love with a new-to-me dye technique. Check out my new colorway, "Faerie Hair" to see what I mean. 
  • Lots of collaborations coming down the pike with Laura of Gynx Yarns and Elly & Dave from FO & Dye.  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Holiday Ornament-a-long KAL

Lately, I've been obsessed with knitting Birds of Happiness out of my handspun and leftover sock yarn. They're so quick and fun to make! (Not to mention, a nice break from Hexipuffs.)

After knitting a few, I realized what great tree ornaments and special holiday gifts they would make. (I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to holiday knitting, but these are totally doable.) So, since I'm going to be churning out quite a few in the coming weeks, I've decided to host an "Ornament-a-long"!

For this KAL, the idea is to knit/crochet as many ornaments as you can until December 19th. They can pertain to any holiday you celebrate during this time of year (Scroodges and Grinches of the world welcome).

I will officially announce the KAL on the next episode of YarnGasm, but I figured I'd give you all a head-start. And yes, there will also be prizes and giveaways*!

Please post all your projects in the YarnGasm Ornament-a-long KAL Ravelry thread, and/or to Instagram using #OrnamentalongKAL. I can't wait to see them!

If you need some inspiration, here's a link to some fun ornamental patterns on Ravelry.

* If you would like to donate a prize, please PM me on Ravelry.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Episode 123: The Sleeve That Keeps On Sleeving


Another great trunk show weekend at Gauge + Tension! Thanks to all who came by to say hello and treat yo'self to some fiber! :) Also to the awesome G+T gang. xo


- Another Blue Bird of Happiness out of Handspun Spun Right Round Fiber
- Mitts to Fit Mittens out of Voolenvine Yarns / Squish - Enjoy the Silence

Fiber: Spun Right Round

I knit these using the yarn I handspun, above.
Pattern: Blue Birds of Happiness on Ravelry


- Favorite Socks / Voolenvine Yarns: Lush - "Holly Jolly"
- Afterthought Heel Socks / White Birch Fiber Arts / "Does This Rainbow Make My Black Look Big".
- EPIC Crochet Granny Square Afghan - Flowers In the Snow / Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted.
- Beeswax Hat / Voolenvine Yarns: Magpie DK - "Moondrop".
- Ranger Cardigan / Malabrigo: Rios - "Coco"


- I'm still enjoying plying-on-the-fly
- I signed up for another Craftsy.com class called "Drafting Worsted to Woolen", hosted by Jacey Boggs Faulkner. I HIGHLY recommend it!
- Finished spinning and plying fiber from Gourmet Stash "Fluff and Nonsense" and Quaere Fibers "Concrete Jungle".

Yarn: Voolenvine Yarns: Magpie DK - "Moondrop"
Pattern: Beeswax Hat by Amy van der Laar


- New Magpie DK base! 75/20/5 Superfine Merino, Silk, and Stellina.
- BFL Footsie sock base will be on limited supply until February 2015.
- After watching the movie, Only Lovers Left Alive, (not kid-friendly btw) I had a new yarn club idea! Vampire Romance! Sign-up date still TBD.
- Stay tuned for the big "7 Modern Wonders Of the World" dye challenge reveal with me, FO & Dye and Gynx Yarns!
- Me and Laura from Gynx Yarns are collaborating on two limited edition colorways.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Episode 122 — "Ball-Winding Crazy"


This weekend Voolenvine Yarns will be having another trunk show @ Gauge + Tension 11/15 & 11/16.

Gauge + Tension
110 Meserole Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222


Molly of A Homespun House podcast inspired me to knit up a quickie Blue Bird of Happiness using leftover sock yarn.

Modified "Mittens to Fit" / Voolenvine Yarns - Squish Base, "Enjoy the Silence"
My hands were cold, so I cast on an obilgatory pair of mittens with my hand-dyed colorway, "Enjoy the Silence" on Squish. The pattern is a modified version of the free pattern, “Mittens to Fit”. I decided these will be my project for the Knitmore Girl’s Grinch-a-Long.

Plyign On-the-Fly
This week I learned a new spinning technique! It's called "Plying-On-the-Fly"! Here is the YouTube tutorial from Jocelyn Ahlers, which I found most helpful.


Just because I'm on a fiber diet doesn't mean I can't treat myself to some skully stitch markers from K8erpillar Designs!

Gynx Yarns — Glitz Sock "Fat Tuesday"

Shameka Knits - I have bought a self-striping yarn. I am trying to make a toe-up afterthought heel socks and use up every bit of the yarn. My question is…..How many yards do you save for the heel?

A: The last pair of self-striping socks I knit required 2 stripes for the after-thought heel. I believe each stripe measured out to about 5-6 yards, so to be on the safe side, I would say make sure you have at least 12-13 yards.

Blondecatalogue - Do you have any swift and ball winder recommendations?

My go-to ball winder is the Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder, especially for production purposes. However, I recommend listening to the Knitmore Girls podcast, Episode 300 - "For Better or for Wool". They give an in-depth review of models from their Ball-winder and Swift "tasting".


Because I will be having a trunk show this weekend, Friday's update will be small. However I will post more on Monday, November 17th, 2014.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Episode 121: Ridiculous Kitsch


- I will be having another trunk show at Gauge + Tension Sat. 11/15 and Sun. 11/16 ... this time selling fiber. Hang out and spin a while!

- The wait is over! I finally got around to publishing my go-to pattern for socks. Download a FREE pdf of "My Favorite Sock" here.


- Speaking of socks, I finished knitting my Outlander colorway socks!


- I've been knitting away on Dennis' Ranger Cardigan by Jared Flood. Still on the first sleeve and it feels like it's taking FOREVER. I'm blaming the circular needles I'm using - Clover 24" bamboo. The cable is too short and the wood is too sticky.

- Elly of the FO & Dye podcast designed a pattern called the Endurance shawl. I'm test knitting it for her using my hand-dyed yarn in "Poe" on Blitzed fingering.

- I've been knitting Hexipuffs on and off ... and I'm also determined to finally splurge on some acrylic yarn to crochet (yes, you read that right) that EPIC Granny Square Blanket I've been dreaming about. Here is the pattern I'm going to use


Still spinning away on my Quaere Fiber, which is 100% Superwash Merino in "Concrete Jungle". I have about one more ounce to spin. I think I will just leave it as a single-ply and knit a pair of socks with it.


Holiday colors are here! Just in time to start all your holiday knitting. More colorways to come in the following week.

• I've also been having fun creating 100g mini-skein palette sets.

• This week I introduced a new DK yarn line called "Smitten"! 80/10/10 SW Merino, Nylon, and Cashmere.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Episode 120: A Plague of Hexipuffs


Hello to Claire (aka ClairMacavoy) of the New Hampshire Knits podcast!
PSA: Dave is awesome!


I have fallen into the Hexipuff vortex of doom (Pattern from Tiny Owl Knits' Beekeeper's Quilt)! And it all started with a mini-skein from Sleep Season


Quaere Fibers / Concrete Jungle 100% Superwash Merino.
I also spun a bump of pink mystery fiber.


From August 1 — October 1 Me and Molly of "A Homespun House" podcast co-hosted a Classic Must Knits KAL. I used a random number generator to choose winners (from the Ravelry thread) for three giveaway prizes.  They are ...

Congrats to the winners and BIG thanks to Rock and String Creations & Love Sock Wool for the generous giveaway donations!


This week I couldn't resist splurging on more fiber from one of my favorite fiber artists, Hobbledehoy Yarn + Fiber. Limestone Cliffs, 4 oz. Merino / tencel 50/50.


- Fiber is gradually making its way into my shop. This week I dyed up some Corriedale Cross.
- Taking a wee break from dyeing anymore "Outlander". If you would like yarn in this colorway, just PM me on Etsy and I'll be happy to dye some up for you :)
- New base! Squish - 100% Superwash Merino / 4-ply fingering

I have two collaborations coming up! 
- Voolenvine Yarns + Gynx Yarns
- FO & Dye Podcast Hand-dye Experiment: Me, Laura (Gynx Yarns / Dyer's Notebook Podcast), and Elly (FO & Dye) will dye up our own interpretation of the "Seven Wonders Of the World".


For Halloween, I dressed up as Cersei Lannister (from the TV series Game of Thrones). I sewed my own costume using a pattern from Simplicity.
What sorcery is this...?

Me and Dennis ... in his Halloween Vest

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Episode 119 — "Yak Down!"


  • My Pop-Up Shop at Gauge + Tension during the NYC Yarn Crawl could not have gone better! Thanks to Michele, Melissa, Alison, and everyone who stopped by! XoXoXo
  • This week I have a HUGE announcement, regarding Voolenvine Yarns. Sorry, you'll just have to watch the episode ;-)
Off the Needles

  • Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West / Yarn by Gynx Yarns (Lavender Tea & Charcoal)
  • Napoleon (aka Harold) The Nervous Narwhal by Rebecca Danger / Yarn by Voolenvine Yarns (Dirty On Purpose)
  • Freehand Handspun Hat for Dennis / Fibre by the Yarn Wench  (Denimn & Leather) Merino Wool Top
ALSO! Me, Laura, Maria, Kim, and Dana recorded an EPIC podcaster re-cap of Rhinebeck.

More Show Notes Coming Soon!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ye Olde Blog Post

Handspun YarnWench Fibre

So, it looks like recording a new episode of YarnGasm before Rhinebeck isn't in the cards. Time has not been on my side these past few weeks, friends. BUT! When I do record a new episode, I will FINALLY be able to dish on the HUGE, EXCITING, EPIC news I've been teasing this whole time! (Hint: It's not babies.)

In the meantime, I figured I'd at least catch you up with a few things in ye olde blog post.

1. I want to thank the lovely ladies behind Gauge + Tension (Michele, Melissa, and Alison - I'm looking at you!) and everyone who stopped by for an amazing NYC Yarn Crawl weekend! My trunk show could not have gone better. I made so many wonderful new friends, and it was just an all around awesome experience. I will definitely be popping by G+T in the weeks to come (secretly hoping they stay put 4EVER)!

2. Rhinebeck! I will only be there on Saturday and am hoping to arrive before noon for the Ravelry meet-up. Laura of Gynx Yarns and The Dyer's Notebook Podcast is flying in from Texas!!! If you see us, please say hello! Also, I will have SWAG! ;-)

Daybreak Shawl / Gynx Yarns

3. I finished my Daybreak shawl ... and I am in love! The color combination is perfect, and will be my go-to shawl this winter.

4. I also finished spinning Yarn Wench's fiber in "Leather and Denim" for a hat I'm knitting for Dennis. Said hat has already been cast on. Just a simple ribbed brim / stockinette cap hat. So far, so good!

... And now I recall one of the reasons I started podcasting. So, I will stop there and say no more until the next episode.  Until then ... Rhinebeck, baby. Rhinebeck!


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