Thursday, March 5, 2015

Episode 138: Skeinies in Blankies


This past weekend, me and Dennis visited my step-grandparents. My step-grandmother gave me a beautiful red woven shawl she brought back from her vacation to Oaxaca, Mexico.


Voolenvine Yarns: Stark - "Octopus Garden"

This week I have a HO - my Octopus Garden Socks, which are being knit toe-up, with a Fish Lips Kiss Heel, and picot cuff. I'm seriously geeking out over the bind-off.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Episode 137 - "Housewarming Things"

My energy levels may be running a little low this episode, but I have lots of knitting, spinning, and other things to share!


  • Two Land Highway RAGE Socks / Three Irish Girls - Adorn Sock, "Bryn"
  • Toe-Up Fish Lips Kiss Heel Socks / Voolenvine Yarns - Stark Sock, "Octopus Garden"
  • Canopy Shawl by Mandarine's / Wollmeise DK, "Ein Klein Wenig Verrucht"
Pattern: Canopy Shawl by Mandarine's
Yarn: Wollmeise DK

  •  I've been making sad progress on my D-SPAKAL spinning. Second guessing myself for deciding to ply-on-the-fly, as it's taking FOREVER to spin up. The good news is that once it's all done, I can just skein it, soak it, and knit it. You'll be happy to know, though, that after I finished recording, I put a rather big dent in it. YAY!
  • I also spun another Fuzzling from Fondant Fibre. I plan to 2-ply it on my Aaron Makes Stuff drop spindle.
  • Tallulah lives! After much hibernation, I gave my Lendrum some love and spun more of my Nunuco Fiber. I've really missed spinning on a wheel, you guys!
  • Lynai Yarns was having a sale and nabbed one of her gorgeous hand-dyed skeins in the "Manic" colorway. I was a little surprised when I received the package, because it didn't look like the skein pictured on her site. But I quickly realized it was because she hadn't re-skeined it - which is completely fine! Still a gorgeous colorway and excited to knit a pair of socks with it.

  • Molly (A Homespun House Podcast) is such the enabler! She's been talking up TUFT Woolens so much, I had to get my hands on some - and OMG, amazing smells y'all! Highly recommend. I got a bath bar in "Russian Flower" and a sock soap sampler set. YUM. 

This week I'm OBSESSED with Paperchase - particularly their "Secret Garden" collection. I may have gone a wee bit overboard, hoarding their stuff little by little, every time I take a trip to Staples. I want to just wallpaper my entire life in this print. It's gorgeous! 
  • Thanks to Molly (my designated podcast whisperer) I've been enjoying a new-to-me podcast called Manadrine's, hosted my Melody - also the designer of the Canopy shawl pattern I'm knitting.
  • For those of you who missed Lady Gaga's epic Oscar rendition of The Sound of Music, here it is:

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Episode 136: I, Magic Looper

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day!


This week I have two (yes, TWO!) finished objects!

Whispering Pine Shawl
  • I finished knitting Dennis' Valentine's Day Socks JUST IN TIME! They're just a simple cuff-down vanilla sock with an eye-of-partridge heel. Yarn: Sweet Georgia / Tough Love Sock, "Magpie"
  • Whispering Pines Shawl by Molly Klatt
    Yarn: Voolenvine Yarns / Wolke, "Jilted Rose"
Dennis' Valentine's Day Socks

After I finished soaking both projects, I took a chance and put them in my electric spin-dryer, before blocking them.  The spin-drier wrings-out all the excess water, but the shawl and socks were still damp enough to block. Amazingly, they were blocked and dried with in about 2-hours!!!


  • Cozy Memories Blanket - I only added one square this week, using the remaining yarn leftover from Dennis' Vday socks. It's been living in my LoveSockWool project bag.
  • Fish Lips Kiss Heel Socks - Voolenvine Yarns / Lush, "Octopus Garden" - Sadly, I will be frogging these, too. I'm knitting them with DPNs, which seems to be too fiddly for me, and messing with my gauge. I also knit the foot too long ... BUT! I do have the Fish Lips Kiss Heel technique down!

  • Canopy Shawl by Mandarine / Woolmeisse

  • Two-Lane Highway RAGE Socks by Sarah Stevens / Two Irish Girls, Adorn Sock, "Bryn"
  • I also dare Dave of the FO & Dye podcast to cast on a pair of two-at-a-time socks!
  • Hobbledehoy - Juniper Berry Battlings
  • Loop Bullseye Bump - Isn't It Just Lovely?

The next shop update will be Monday, February 23rd, 2015 @ 2pm EST. 

The second installment of the Vampire Romance Yarn Club will also be shipping out that week.

  • 90% Knitting with Lisa
  • Round the Twist with Caren
  • Junkyarn with Kemper
  • Subway Knits Podcast with Maria
  • Dyer's Notebook with Laura
  • A Homespun House with Molly
  • FO & Dye with Elly and Dave
  • Little Bobbins Knits with Dani

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Episode 135: Just Add Pop Rocks


  • If you weren't able to make it, Maria (Subway Knits Podcast) posted the audio from our panel on Yarn Crafting and Blogging for the Brooklyn Knit and Crochet Guild. Click here for pix and to listen
  • I will be publishing a free pattern for the slouchy hat I improvised using Malabrigo Rasta, soon!
Valentine's Day Socks For Dennis
Yarn: Sweet Georgia / Tough Love Sock "Magpie"

  •  I'm knitting a pair of socks for Dennis using an eye-of-partridge heel. Hoping to have these finished by Valentine's Day!!! Yarn is Sweet Georgia Yarns / Tough Love in the "Magpie" colorway.
  • I knit a few more squares on my Cozy Memories Blanket! I'm using the Memory Blanket pattern by Georgie Hallam. 
  • Unfortunately, I gave-up knitting on my Two Lane Highway RAGE / Fish Lips Kiss Heel socks - I just wasn't liking how the pattern and the yarn meshed together.  
Fondant Fibre Handspun Fuzzling

More show notes coming soon ...

Friday, February 6, 2015

Episode 134: Tentacley


HO - Afterthought Heel Sock / Regia Self-Striping—For some reason, this sock knit up a smidge too big. It may be because the yarn is a heavier weight (sport?) or I was using dpns. I'm going to re-knit this time, decreasing my stitch count from 64 stitch cast on to a 60 stitch cast on.


  • Whispering Pines Shawl: Pattern by Molly Klatt / Voolenvine Yarns / Wolke - "Jilted Rose"
 I'm so close to knitting the lace edging! I purchased the beads (size 6/0) from
Whispering Pines Shawl and Beads For Lace Edging

Yarn: Voolenvine Yarns / Lush - "Octopus Garden"
Pattern: Two Lane Highway RAGE, by Sarah Stevens


  • SUPER BIG THANKS to Aaron and Becca of Aaron Makes Stuff. They generously donated one of their awesome drop spindles for a giveaway prize!
D-SPAKAL Giveaway Prize Drop Spindle from Aaron Makes Stuff

  • The weather in Brooklyn has been so snowy and dreary, I needed something to brighten my day. I found a mini mystery batt I rescued from my friend Kim's de-stash and spun it up on my own Aaron Makes Stuff spindle. 

This week I've been watching the Yarnings podcast, hosted by Kristine Beeson, and Knick's Knits, hosted by  


The Next Shop Update will be Friday, February 6th, 2015 @ 2pm EST

FO & Dye's Big Shiny Dyeing Experiment Part II theme-voting thread — will be locked this Sunday

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Episode 133: Sprudelsafting

Many thanks again to the Brooklyn Knit & Crochet Guild for inviting me to be a part of their panel on yarn blogging and crafting!
I was joined by Marsha (One Geek to Craft Them All Blog), Maria (Subway Knits Podcast), and Sarah (Knit York City Blog).

Paneling at the Brooklyn Knit & Crochet Guild Panel On Yarn Crafting & Blogging!


Favorite Sock Pattern
Yarn: Sleep Season "Gauge"

I cast off my Favorite Socks pattern, using Sleep Season's "Gauge" colorway. I'm not a huge fan of neon colorways, but I find them more tolerable when neutral shades are added to the mix, to tone them down.


And so it begins! The Cozy Memories Blanket.

After seeing so many podcasters knitting on them, I caved and cast on a Cozy Memories Blanket. I'm following the Memory Blanket pattern by Georgie Hallam, which shows you how to join each square as you knit them ... so you're not left with all these tiny squares to graft and ends to weave in at the end.

Thanks to Molly of A Homespun House, I can now continue knitting on my Dots Shawl without swearing like a long shore man. She super generously gifted me a set of Karbonz interchangeable needles which I LOVE! And yes, I've been using the key they came with and they do not budge

I'm also working on my Regia Self-Striping After-Thought Heel Socks.


On Ravelry Asks…
Hi Kristin!
I am a very newbie spinner -- my yarn is still thick-and-thin but I am determined! My question for you is: how do you prepare fiber packaged in different ways for spinning on a drop spindle? Does that make sense? Or, how do you get your fiber from a center-pull bat versus a braid versus a rolag versus something else ready to spin? I want to start building a fiber stash but I’m nervous about buying fiber when I don’t know the best way to get it out of the package and ready to spin!
Again, I am by no means an "expert" spinner. However, I do know pre-drafting your fiber (no matter what shape or form it comes to you in) makes a HUGE difference. But HOW you spin it is really up to you.
I suggest checking out the following craftsy classes for more on this subject:

Drafted from Worsted to Woolen
Spinning Dyed Fibers

You can also look many spinning techniques on YouTube for free!


The Next Shop Update will be Friday, January 30th, 2015 @ 2pm EST


Househunting has come to a bit of a stand-still. Just waiting for paper work to go through. And then me and Dennis have the EPIC decision of going with a house in a close, but different neighborhood, or taking a slightly bigger apartment that is for sale in our building. Decisions! Decisions!

In other news, we've been lazybones, watching movies. This past week we checked out 300 Rise of an Empire and Blended.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Episode 132: Thwack!

I'm back this week with tales from Vogue Knitting Live!


On Sunday, January 25th, I will be joining a panel for the Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild, featuring Maria (Subway Knits Podcast), Marsha (One Geek to Craft Them All), and Sarah (Knit York City)! We'll be answering questions and discussing Yarn Crafting and Blogging. I hope you can make it. I'll have some of my yarn for sale, too!

Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild
Panel On Yarn Crafting and Blogging

Sunday, January 25th, 1:30pm-4:00pm EST
Brooklyn Public Library
10 Grand Army Plaza


Podcaster Meet-Up!

Marsha (One Geek to Craft Them All)
Maria (Subway Knits)

Maria (Subway Knits) & Jill Draper
A Crocheted Taj Mahal!

BIG thanks again to Marsha from One Geek to Craft Them All and Susie from Chiagu for hosting a podcaster meet-up for me and Maria (Subway Knits Podcast). And another BIG thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello — it was so great meeting you!

- I caught up with Loop's Steph Gorin and Jill Draper — I even had a Franklin Habit sighting!

Pattern: Whispering Pines Shawl by Molly Klatt
Yarn: Voolenvine Yarns / Wolke, "Jilted Rose"


  • Whispering Pines Shawl by Molly Klatt / Voolenvine Yarns - Wolke, "Jilted Rose"
  • Endurance Sharf by FO & Dye (Test Knit for Elly) / Voolenvine Yarns - Blitzed, "Poe"
  • Favorite Socks / Sleep Season - "Gauge"
  • After-Thought Heel Socks / Regia Self-striping - "Lake"
Spindle: The Spanish Peacock
Fiber; Loop Bullseye Bump, "Violets"

  • The D-SPAKAL is still going strong! LOVING everyone's entries! I'm making slow but steady progress with my Loop Bullseye Bump in "Violets" ... just entering the first color-change.  
Loop Bulllseye Bump
"Natural Spring"
TREAT YOUR SELF (Formerly Stash Enhancements)
 It's my birthday month and feeling shamelessly enabled, apparently.

  • Wollmeisse - "Ein Klein Wenig Verrucht" — I FINALL caught an Wollmeisse update over at the Loopy Ewe website. The colorway in person (a deep, rich, blue-violet) was not as depicted as it was on the site (a dark dusty lavender), but I was still pleasantly surprised and love it!
  • Gynx Yarns - Glitz Sock, "Ultimecia" — Again, I know nothing of video game characters, but I just knew I had to have this colorway when Laura showed it off on her podcast, The Dyer's Notebook.
  • Loop - Bullseye Batt, "Natural Spring"I made a Beeline to Steph's boot after the podcaster meet-up. I was hoping to nab something out of my purple comfort zone and with more frequent color changes ... and proceeded to purchase this gorgeous bit o' business.

  • One Geek to Craft Them All - Loki Earrings — LOVE LOVE LOVE'em!
In other random news, I spied a box of crafty DIY books out on my street corner (this is a common thing in Brooklyn — Another person's trash may be another person's treasure. Leave it on the curb!)  

Because I'll be gearing up for this weekend's Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild Panel, there will be no shop update this week.

The next shop update will be Monday, January 26th, 2015 | 2pm EST 

I also show off some of my new Valentine's Day colorways including "Pookie Pie", "Mexican Hot Chocolate", and "Lady Godiva".


Me and Dennis are still in the process of selling and buying a new home. BUT we're so close! I should have some good news from the western front, next week ;)

As if multiple open houses weren't enough to slow me down, I experienced a few more hiccups — or as I like to call it ... "COG IN WHEEL!"

  1. My electric spin-dryer (which speeds up the drying process for wet yarn significantly) decided to stop working. Thankfully, Dharma Trading has awesome customer service and sent me a new one the very next day! And here's what they suggested I do with the defunct one:

  2.  Usually when I have a lot of packages to ship at once, I schedule the post office pick-up. TWO DAYS in a row, they never showed up. Not cool. So filed a complaint via email. I wasn't expecting a reply, but amazingly, they called me back THAT night to apologize. 
So, despite a few setbacks last week, customer service is getting thumbs up from me.

Happy Knitting!


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Episode 131 - Bases On a Regular Basis


  • Vogue Knitting Live!: Saturday, January 17th (12-1pm) — I'm excited to be joining Maria of the Subway Knits Podcast, Marsha of One Geek to Craft Them All, and Chiagu for a podcaster meet-up! Click here for more info. I hope you'll swing by and say hello!
  • Brooklyn Knit and Crochet Guild Panel: Sunday, January 25th (1:30pm-4pm) — I will once again be joining Maria, and Marsha, along with Sarah from Knit York City at the Brooklyn Public Library to discuss Yarn Crafting and Blogging. I will also have some of my yarn for sale!

Vanilla Socks - Sleep Season's "Gauge" Colorway


  • Endurance Shawl Test - Knit for Elly Voolenvine Yarns / Blitzed "Poe"
  • Vanilla Socks - Sleep Season "Gauge"
  • Vanilla Socks - Voolenvine Yarns / Lush "Everything is Awesome" — FINALLY nabbed this project back from my mom.
Subterranean Woodworks Turkish Spindle
Hobbledehoy Fiber

It's my birthday month! (Any excuse to enhance the stash, right?)
  • Regia Stripemania Color 6-ply - Colorway: 6369 (lake)
    Correction: This yarn is a German brand, but (as the description states) made in Italy.
  • Schoppel Crazy Zauberball - 2170
  • Knitter's Pride Karbonz US 1.5 dpns

  • Sharon (aka StitchMistress on Ravelry), the host of the TV Knitting Podcast, has crossed over to video! I'm really looking forward to more episodes because her spinning is incredible and love being able to see all her gorgeous work. 
  • I enrolled in another Craftsy Class! This time, I'm taking Design It, Stitch It: Hand Embroidery with Jessica Marquez.

    This comes after a friend commissioned me to re-create framed embroidery from a scene in the movie Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (skip to the 1:05 mark in the video, if you're curious).

    Because I wasn't happy with my stitching, I started over and made a cross-stitch, using the iPhone/iPad app Cross Stitch Maker (iTunes).
  • Once again, I'm introducing a new base. Stark Sock is my new strong sock base — 75% Superwash Merino / 25% Nylon ... because sometimes, you just want to knit a strong, sturdy sock :)
  • I announced a new shop policy this week — I am no longer taking custom orders, however I will be taking orders for multiple skeins of a repeatable colorway, with a 4-skein minimum.
  • FO & Dye's Big Shiny Dyeing Experiment Part 2 is underway! 5 indie-dyers. 1 theme. 5 totally different colorways. Visit this thread to vote on a theme!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Vogue Knitting Live! Podcaster Meet-Up

I wasn't sure I'd be able to make it to Vogue Knitting Live! this year, with everything that's been going on ... but somehow, I made it work!

Yep! I'm excited to be joining Maria from the Subway Knits podcast for a podcaster meet-and-greet at the Chiagu + One Geek to Craft Them All booth! Stop by and say hello - I will have some Voolenvine Yarns Mini-Skeins and other fun podcast goodies to giveaway. Hope to see you there! Details below:

Meet the voices behind the Subway Knits and YarnGasm podcasts
New York Marriott Marquis Hotel
Saturday, January 17,  Noon – 1pm
Booth 118 , 5th Floor

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Episode 130 — "Unhappy Hipsters"

  • My apartment is getting more and more empty by the week! I joke that I should probably submit a few photos to

  • Sunday, January 25th, 2015 I will be joining a panel on Yarn Crafting and Blogging, hosted by the Brooklyn Knit & Crochet Guild! It'll be held at the Brooklyn Public Library from 1:30pm—4pm. You'll also be able to purchase Voolenvine Yarns! Click here for more info 

A Pic of Our Apartment from the Real Estate Listing
(... if only it always looked that uncluttered.)
Improvised Slouch Hat
Malabrigo Rasta - "Lotus"

  • Due to dropping temperatures, I was finally inspired to cast on a super chunky hat. I improvised a basic slouch using the Malabrigo Rasta yarn (Lotus colorway), which I purchased at the last Rhinebeck.
  • We have a HO! Not surprisingly, I cast off 1/2 of another vanilla sock using Sleep Season's Gauge colorway.  

Dots Shawl by Casapinka
Yarn: Voolenvine Yarns - Nouveau "Poe" / Blitzed "Faerie Hair"

  • I'm still test-knitting the Endurance Shawl for Elly of FO & Dye, using Voolenvine Yarns, Blitzed in "Poe"
  • I cast on a Dots Shawl by Casapinka using Voolenvine Yarns - Blitzed in "Faerie Hair" / Nouveau in "Poe". 

  • The D-SPAKAL is off to a great start! I'm about 1.5 oz into my Loop Bullseye Batt using my Spanish Peacock drop spindle.
  • Showing some love to my Aaron Makes Stuff drop spindle and Gourmet Stash Luxury Tribbles in "Hedwig"


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