Thursday, October 23, 2014

Episode 119 — "Yak Down!"


  • My Pop-Up Shop at Gauge + Tension during the NYC Yarn Crawl could not have gone better! Thanks to Michele, Melissa, Alison, and everyone who stopped by! XoXoXo
  • This week I have a HUGE announcement, regarding Voolenvine Yarns. Sorry, you'll just have to watch the episode ;-)
Off the Needles

  • Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West / Yarn by Gynx Yarns (Lavender Tea & Charcoal)
  • Napoleon (aka Harold) The Nervous Narwhal by Rebecca Danger / Yarn by Voolenvine Yarns (Dirty On Purpose)
  • Freehand Handspun Hat for Dennis / Fibre by the Yarn Wench  (Denimn & Leather) Merino Wool Top
ALSO! Me, Laura, Maria, Kim, and Dana recorded an EPIC podcaster re-cap of Rhinebeck.

More Show Notes Coming Soon!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ye Olde Blog Post

Handspun YarnWench Fibre

So, it looks like recording a new episode of YarnGasm before Rhinebeck isn't in the cards. Time has not been on my side these past few weeks, friends. BUT! When I do record a new episode, I will FINALLY be able to dish on the HUGE, EXCITING, EPIC news I've been teasing this whole time! (Hint: It's not babies.)

In the meantime, I figured I'd at least catch you up with a few things in ye olde blog post.

1. I want to thank the lovely ladies behind Gauge + Tension (Michele, Melissa, and Alison - I'm looking at you!) and everyone who stopped by for an amazing NYC Yarn Crawl weekend! My trunk show could not have gone better. I made so many wonderful new friends, and it was just an all around awesome experience. I will definitely be popping by G+T in the weeks to come (secretly hoping they stay put 4EVER)!

2. Rhinebeck! I will only be there on Saturday and am hoping to arrive before noon for the Ravelry meet-up. Laura of Gynx Yarns and The Dyer's Notebook Podcast is flying in from Texas!!! If you see us, please say hello! Also, I will have SWAG! ;-)

Daybreak Shawl / Gynx Yarns

3. I finished my Daybreak shawl ... and I am in love! The color combination is perfect, and will be my go-to shawl this winter.

4. I also finished spinning Yarn Wench's fiber in "Leather and Denim" for a hat I'm knitting for Dennis. Said hat has already been cast on. Just a simple ribbed brim / stockinette cap hat. So far, so good!

... And now I recall one of the reasons I started podcasting. So, I will stop there and say no more until the next episode.  Until then ... Rhinebeck, baby. Rhinebeck!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Episode 118: If You Can't Drink It, Knit It!

On the Needles

  • Making slow, but steady progress on Dennis' Ranger Cardigan 
  • One Vanilla Sock down, one more to go! Using my hand-dyed "Outlander" colorway on my Blitzed Base.This is part of the Countdown to Outlander KAL I'm co-hosting with Jasmin from the Knitmore Girls podcast, CC from Geeky Girls Knit podcast, and Maria from Subway Knits Podcast.
  • Working on my Napoleon the Nervous Narwhal for the "Classic Must Knits KAL" I'm co-hosting with Molly from A Homespun House podcast.
  • On my trip to California, I packed my WIPs in my Maria Elena Bliss project bag. 

I finished spinning singles for Dennis' hat using Yarn Wench's "Denim and Leather" 
Also spinning Gourmet Stash's Outlander-inspired fiber in "Waterweed".

Voolenvine Yarns Trunk Show @ Gauge x Tension
I will be having a trunk show at Gauge and Tension October 11 - 12 - stop by and say hello! 

Shop Update

Voolenvine Yarns - "Outlander"
More Show Notes Coming Soon!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Episode 117: How I'm Rolling

On My Needles (3:00)
Dennis' Rhinebeck Sweater / Ranger by Jared Flood

While on vacation, I put a major dent in Dennis’ Cardigan. The pattern is “Ranger” by Jared Flood. Yarn is Malabrigo, Rios in "Coco". To motivate myself to keep knitting on it, I treated myself to a new pair of Chiaogoo Red Lace circular needles (US 8 / 5.0mm).

I also worked on a pair of plain vanilla socks, which I'm knitting on my Blitzed base in the "Outlander" colorway. I'm keeping it in my favorite JessaLu Lighthouse & Lobster project bag!
Voolenvine Yarns / Blitzed Fingering in "Outlander"
KALs (8:50)
Me and Molly of A Homespun House Podcast are co-hosting a "Classic Must Knits KAL" running from August 1 — October 1. Sadly, I was disenchanted with my Featherweight cardigan and decided to frog it. Instead, I cast on a "Napoleon the Nervous Narwhal" by Rebecca Danger using my own hand-dyed yarn (a discontinued base) in "Dirty On Purpose".

Also scored a massive bag of Poly-Fill from Wal-Mart #WINNING and Safety Eyes from Etsy.

I also found button eyes from M&J Trimming, a shop in Manhattan.

Sara of LoveSockWool has generously donated one of her Sock Bags as a giveaway prize — definitely check out her Etsy shop!

To qualify to win a prize, post to the Official Classic Must Knits KAL thread (one post per entrant please!) You may post to me, Molly, or both our threads :)

Virginia Beach Lighthouses

Stash Enhancements (22:00)

Apparently I'm hoarding fiber for the winter...

This week, I received some fiber from my girl, Kate of GourmetStash ... "Driving at Night" ; Luxe Fluff n' Nonsense in "Mish Mash".

I also nabbed a skein of "Ariel" from one of my friends and fave hand-dyers, Gynx Yarns!
Yarn Stats: Single Merino / 100% SW Merino / Approx. 400yds, 100 grams / Fingering

Finally, I couldn't resist splurging on fiber from BeeMiceElf on Etsy. I purchased 4oz of "Abalone".

Shop Update (27:50)
Voolenvine Yarns Shop Update

This fall, Michele Wang and Melissa Soong will be opening a pop-up shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn called Gauge x Tension! I will be having a trunk show there during the annual 2014 NYC Yarn Crawl (along with other TBD dates) — stay tuned for more info!

Virginia Beach, Hotel Room View

Friday, August 29, 2014

Episode 116: "Impromptu"

So, getting a podcast out every week is proving to be a little tricky, these days. I finally had time to record last Monday, only to discover my camera didn't record audio — super!

That said, I defaulted back to my trusty iPad / iMovie for some quick and dirty recording and editing. 

Anywho, this week's quickie episodes I chat about the two KALs I'm co-hosting:

  • Classic Must Knits KAL - which is not off to a great start. I've decided to frog my Featherweight and cast on a Norman the Nervous Narwhal by Rebecca Danger, instead. 

Pocket Jamie Approves

  • Countdown to Outlander Instagram KAL #KiltMeNowKAL / #CountdownToOutlanderKAL - I've also decided to transfer my Gourmet Stash "Waterweed" fiber from my Grandmother's mini wheel to my Lendrum. The rickedy-rackedy spinning was proving too nerve-wraking. There's only so much a girl can take. I was also super excited to try out my new Akerworks 3D printed bobbins! So, you can see I had several good reasons to swap it out.

  • I'm also knitting a pair of vanilla socks using my own hand-dyed "Outlander" colorway. 
Voolenvine Yarns "Reflektor" / Blitzed 

  •  I finished my Reflektor socks — FINALLY!
More show notes coming soon! 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Episode 115: Outlandish

I know, I know ... it's been a while since I last published an episode. But you know what that means? More knitting, spinning, and dyeing to talk about! So, when you think about it ... it's a win-win sitch! 

These past few weeks I'm up to my ears in KAL and SPALS!!! But I say, the more the merrier! #BRINGIT!

In other news I FINALLY have my own home office!!! (AKA, my yarn business took over our living room) Anyway, enough blather. I get into all of it in this week's episode.

  • Countdown to Outlander KAL #KiltMeNow #CountDowntoOutlander (C.C. Almon Javapurl, Jasmine, and Maria) More info


  • Featherweight / Eros Lace in “Nevermore”
  • Rainbow Socks (address pooling)


  • Yarn Wench / Denim and Leather 
  • Lost Trindle arms :(


  • Gourmet Stash / Maryland Mermaid / Waterweed
  • Three Waters Farm / Tom Boy
  • Golding RingSpindle

Voolenvine Yarns / Outlander / Blitzed

More of the "Outlander" Colorway coming soon!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Episode 114: I Love Lobster

- The "Classic Must Knits KAL" I'm co-hosting with Molly from "A Homespun House" podcast kicks off (Aug.1 — Oct.1)
- Voolenvine Yarns Art Nouveau Yarn Club — sign-ups end July 31st!

Voolenvine Yarns / Footsie BFL + Nylon / Sealab


- Sealab Socks w/ Afterthought Heels / Jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind-off

- Handspun Tan House Brook Shawl (Blocked) by Jennifer Lassonde (aka BostonJen) / Fiber: Corgi Hill Farm in "Sempervarium 2"

- "Everything is Awesome" Vanilla socks

- Finished spinning GourmetStash Fibery Tribbles / "Obligatory Box of Chocolates"

- Spinning 4oz Merino Wool Top from The Yarn Wench in "Denim & Leather" - This will be a pair of mittens or a hat for Dennis

(Alpaca/Merino : 70/30) / Erin will be offering a skein of her fiber for the Must Knits KAL giveaway. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Episode 113: Hello from Cape Cod!

As the title of this episode suggests, I recorded from Cape Cod! I decided to put out a quickie episode this week because I know for a fact, when I get back to Brooklyn, there won't be any time — and I have lots to show you!

During the last episode, I showed you my Corgi Hill Farm fiber that I was spinning. Well, I loved spinning it so much, I actually finished spinning and navajo plying it! Even better? I knit it up!
Ladies and gentlemen, my very first EVER handspun FO!!! Now I just want to spin and knit ALL the things! The pattern is the Tan House Brook shawl by Jennifer Lassonde (aka BostonJen on Ravelry).
Next weekend I will have some time to photograph a blocked FO version of it.

I also finished some socks I've been working on, and putting a dent in my Daybreak shawl with yarn from Gynx Yarns.

Also, don't forget: Sign-up for the Voolenvine Yarns Art Nouveau Yarn Club before July 31st! Space is limited — join while you can :)

In other news, we had a great time at the Cape. The weather was a little meh, and didn't get to the beach until our last day on Tuesday. But we did get in a good hike and a sunset lobster cruise!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Episode 112: Spin Machine


I hope everyone in the US had a great 4th of July weekend! Dennis and I spent a long weekend in Cape Cod — our first trip of the summer! Needless to say, I got lots of knitting accomplished.

This week I also announced Voolenvine Yarns' very first Yarn Club! For three months, members will receive three uniquely hand-dyed skeins inspired by the Art Nouveau era — Think Klimt, and Mucha ;) Click here for more info!


  • "Everything is Awesome" Rainbow Socks - Lush MCN vanilla socks
  • Vivid Square blanket: I knit one square on my way to Cape Cod
  • Ophidian Shawl: Put a small dent in it.


  • Just a Day Dream 1 oz 35g Hand blended spinning fiber - STORM blue black teal and white rolags for fiber art
  • Hobbledehoy "Butterfly Bush" Butterfly Bush -- high contrast Battlings -- mini batts (2 oz.) merino, fine alpaca, silk, bamboo, sparkle, etc.
  • Corgi Hill Farm fiber for Tour de Fleece / Polwarth Tussah Silk 85/15 Combed Top Roving - 5oz - Sempervarium 2


  • Quaere Fiber - Concrete Jungle
  • Hand Dyed Superwash Merino/Nylon Roving, Spinning Fiber,100 grams


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Episode 111: Rainbowpallooza!

- Check out my interview with Laura on the Dyer’s Notebook Podcast, Episode 86
- Any Man’s Jumper KAL Winner: Suvi89 — Congrats!
  • 1 Free Skein of Voolenvine Yarns (Any skein of your choice $30 and under)
  • A digital copy of BostonJen’s Tan House Brook Shawl pattern. Jen from the Down Cellar Studio Podcast
  •  A Tree Frog Project Bag from Elly of the FO and Dye podcast *Elly is also raising funds to attend a health retreat. Please use the promocode (RETREAT20) when checking out in her Etsy shop.
  • Hosting a new KAL with Molly of a Homespun House Podcast. “Classic Must Knits” KAL. Please join the Ravelry discussion group!
     Link to Ravelry thread
ON MY NEEDLES Ranger Cardian

  • Vivid Square Blanket (Knitters’ Pride Karbonz US 4 dpns)I like using them, but for this project, their too short to hold all the stitches on.  
  • Hand-dyed toe-up socks (While binge-watching Pretty Little Liars) 
  • Ophidian Shawl by Sivia Harding

     - Gourmet Stash Fibery Tribbles “Obligatory Box of Chocolates” I started spinning these on my Phang drop Spindle, but decided to move it to my Lendrum wheel.

     - Hobbled Hoy Battlings “Butterfly Garden”

Everything is Awesome

It's been a rainbowpalooza of custom orders! Lots of rainbowy skein requests this week. While I love dyeing it up, I won't be taking custom orders for it until August.

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