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Episode 53: In Which My Yarn Speaks To Me

Apologies for the delay ... it's been a crazy wedding weekend. On The Needles: 
Pomme de Pin: Still working on the right front while watching Weeds, season seven. Evenstar : Took a little hiatus this week. Chart 3 was getting to me. Fa Fa Fa Socks Vanilla Socks: Three Irish Girls, Adorn Sock Yarn in their Mirian colorway. Was really surprised to find out it was self-striping!Celes Shawl by Jared Flood: Halcyon Victorian Sport. Startitus strikes again! Henslowe Shawl by Beth Kling / Cakewalk Yarns, Stash Fingering in "Rhinebeck"' Events:
Rhinebeck meet-up - Saturday October 20th, 1pm. Say hello! Buttons!

 Last week I hit up "Wool Uncovered" in Bryant Park. This was part of Prince Charles' Campaign For Wool, where sheep were allowed to graze and fertilize the park's lawn. Check out some photos below:

Episode 52: Lifelines and Necklines


Last week I met up with Maria (Subway Knits Podcast) and Kim (Craftstash Podcast) at Knitty City where we got to meet and chat with Melissa Leapman, author of "Knitting the Perfect Fit".

On the Needles:

Pomme de Pin: I put a major dent in this cardigan, mainly while watching season 3 of "Vampire Diaries"Evenstar : Because many of you were concerned, I installed a lifeline into Fa Fa Fa SocksYarn Acquisitions:
Jitterbug Colinette Sock Yarn from Knitty City in CastangaThree Irish Girls Adorn Sock Yarn from The Loopy Ewe in Mairin and Collins
Other Patterns Mentioned:
Nutkin Socks
Breezy Cardigan

Episode 51: Runaway Cupcakes

Today I'm home sick today. Boo! But I get to kicking this week's episode off with a better-quality camera. Hurray!... and runaway cupcakes! On the Needles:
Fa Fa Fa Socks by Lois Leong / Blue Moon Fiber Arts, STR, Lightweight in "Everyday Gray"Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf / KnitPicks Gloss Laceweight in "Sterling"Henslowe Shawl by Beth Kling / Cakewalk Yarns, Stash Fingering in "Rhinebeck"'Off the Needles: 

I knit 3 cupcakes for Carin's wedding  (of Round the Twist podcast) I did a modified version of WIP Insanity's free Dalek Cupcake pattern, only I used a picot edging for the frosting (k3 rows, *yo k2tog; repeat from * until end of row, k3 rows)


"Ancient Egypt in Lace and Color", by Anna Dalvi from Cooperative Press

This book has twelve lace shawl patterns inspired by the six colors used in Egyptian art: green, red, white, black, yellow, and blue.

What I love:
- Historical overview
- Egyptian color meanings
- Gorgeo…

Episode 50: Name Your Yarn

I published the first episode of YarnGasm, June 28th, 2010 — Two years later, it's been slow-going but we're finally at episode 50!

As I mention in the show I'm so glad I decided pick up the microphone ... not only because it's so much fun but also for the many knitters I've come to know along the way. That said, I just want to send a big thanks to everyone for tuning in week after week. You are all amazing and making knitting that much more important to me.

Housekeeping notes:

Thanks to everyone for all the positive feedback about the last video podcast. I will definitely be doing more of them!
However, I understand that some of you prefer that I stick to audio, so to make everyone happy, I will be uploading the audio from each video podcast I do. The audio should upload in your iTunes subscription feed as a regular episode as usual.
However, if you are into the video podcast,you will have to check back on my blog or visit Blip.TV and search "Voolenvine"…

Labor Day Weekend

As you would have guessed it, Dennis and I hit the Cape for Labor Day weekend. Sadly, this will probably be our last trip of the summer, but who says we're not going out with a bang?

By day two, we are already stuffed to the gills on lobster, ice cream and pie! (There will be more.) Also, since I previously deemed this the "Summer of Socks," I thought it appropriate to cast on another pair. This time, a free pattern called "Fa Fa Fa" by Lois Leong. The yarn is (of course) Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock Lightweight in Every Day Gray.

The cabling took a bit to get the gist of ... While I'm usually able to knit without a one, for this I do need a cable needle (or in my case a darning needle). But overall a very easy and enjoyable pattern.

I also managed to knit a couple more rows on "Evenstar," last night. Two more rows to go, and it's on to chart three! Wheeeee!