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Ravellenic Games: The Yarn Has Spoken

In my blog last post / episode of YarnGasm, I was still deciding what to cast on for the Ravellenic Games. It was a toss-up between some rather challenging patterns or some laid-back "stash-grooming" patterns. After much deliberating and cuddling with various skeins of yarn on my sofa ... The yarn has finally spoken.

This actually happened while diving into my bottomless WIPs Bin for some nail polish. (Please don't ask how my WIPs Bin became a refuge for rogue bottles of nail polish ... I'm still trying to figure that one out.) In doing so, I pulled out the long forsaken Evenstar Shawl I cast on back in January!
As I held it in my hands I considered frogging the thing, but then looking at it more closely, at all the intricate knitting I had already accomplished I thought it would be a real shame to just let this one go quietly into the night.

I pulled up the pattern (by Susan Pandorf) and to my surprise, I remember exactly where I left off. I decided to knit on it a…

Episode 37: Ravellenic Games

More Show Notes Soon! Listen Here: I realize I'm a little late to the game (no pun intended) but I'm IN! — The Ravellenic Games that is!

While I'm aware the cast-on date is tomorrow, chances of me actually casting on, will most likely take place, Saturday morning. BUT — I'm still all-ears for project suggestions.

Since I published the podcast, here are the possible projects I've narrowed it down to:
Henslowe Shawl by Beth KlingOmelet Shawl by Joyce Fassbender Sunflower Shawl by Modern Lace

Christmas in July!

How about a little bit of yarn porn to start your day?

My Blue Moon Fiber Arts shipment came just in time for the weekend! I ordered four skeins of Socks That Rock Lightweight in (top to bottom) Everyday Gray, The Green That Sings, and Blecker. — Technically, this color combo would make a very nice second Color Affection Shawl ... but I think I'll hold off on another garter stitch fest. I was thinking maybe a Catkin!

Also, when I spotted Blecker on the BMFA website it to me it didn't look purple. I actually thought it was a this kind of mauve-gray-brown — like a mystery color! Though, my heart sank a little when I opened the package and realized it was in fact purple.  (I'm on a purple yarn diet. Way too much of it in my stash.) Regardless, it's still a gorgeous color that's more purple-gray-brown.

Finally, just for fun, I went out of my comfort zone again with Crabby McCrabbypants. I'm not sure this photo does the colors justice because they're really bo…

Deep Unrelenting Shades of Gray

Over the weekend, I made a valiant effort to get my Hanging Garden Stole (Part Deux) started and put a major dent in my poor, neglected Pomme de Pin Cardigan.

I think I spent two hours Saturday morning, plowing through half of the first chart repeat. The chart is so tall, it literally feels like your brain is climbing a ladder, but it feels so great and rewarding once you reach the top. – Talk about a mental workout! :)

As for my Pomme de Pin Cardigan, I've been sticking to my theory of working on neglected UFOs for at least fifteen minutes a day. Well, it really did turn into a wee bit more than fifteen minutes. I'm almost done shaping the back, then it's onto the left and right front (small bits of knitting attached to the back). Sleeves-ville, here I come!

In other news:
Unfortunately, I missed out on another No Sheep 'Til Brooklyn gathering – @DaisyDeadPetal's knitting group in Greenpoint. I have a very sad track record of attending only ONE. I was all psych…

Recipe: Broccoli Crunch Salad

As I mentioned in the last podcast, we returned from Cape Cod Sunday night and for sanity's sake, I also took Monday off -- which of course, I had planned for a whole day of knitting! But (of course) there were other things I needed to do like laundry, dishes, and what the hey, dinner. (The crock-pot lives!) 
In addition, I also made a bold attempt to re-create one of my favorite dishes (from Stop n' Shop's deli, no less!). Usually when me and the Mister hit up the beach, it's my go-to, on-the-go lunch. For some reason, I always order it-- probably because it's SOOOO goood! Broccoli, Zucchini, raisins, BACON!!! What more could you ask for? Anyway, it turned out very well. If you're interested, here's the recipe: 
Broccoli Crunch Salad
Prep time: 10 min Servings: 2 + a little extra for snacking
2 large broccoli stalks, chopped1 large zucchini, shredded or chopped1 red onion, choppedRaisins, 1 snack-sized box3 tbsp real bacon bits 3 tbsp light mayo3…

Episode 46: Night Knitting

Listen Here:

Off the Needles: Brooklet by Cecily Glowick MacDonald // Madtosh Merino Light in Edison Bulb & AntlerAfter-thought heel socks using leftover yarn from Brooklet
On the Needles:
Pomme de Pin Cardigan // Blue Moon Fiber Arts BFL Sport in Deep Unrelenting GrayBrandywine Shawl // Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR Lightweight in True Blood RedHanging Garden Stole (Part Deux) // Madelinetosh Prairie in French Gray Stash Bust Army:
Leftie Shawl by Martina BehmSweet Caroline Shawl by Mary AnnarellaBlight Shawl by Deborah FrankFabergé Shawl by Laura Aylor