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Wish List: October

To better organize my knitting-- and prevent an influx of startitus and miscellany yarn splurges I'm  going to start up monthly Knitting Wish Lists. The idea is for me to choose 3 projects to focus each month... so here it goes!

1. To knit something using the following color scheme:

I ordered skeins in similar colorways in Knit Picks Palette. (Is it just me or have they jacked their prices up?) Regardless, I've been fawning over this color combo for some time. I must knit with it. I'm thinking a hat. Another Neep Heid is tempting, but for the sake of variety, I'm going to find something else. Suggestion box is open.
2.Knit a green cardigan. I've always wanted a green cardigan. I've searched high and low and have yet to find the perfect one. But why buy one when I can knit one? Pfft! I stumbled upon Velynda by Bonne Marie Burns... seems like a happy medium of complexity and ease--- with cables and raglan sleeves... unless I'm just identifying with the model, s…

Color Quest

Grellow Neep Heid Lately, I find I've been working more and more color into my knitting... breaking away from the neutral muted colors I usually gravitate towards. I'm not sure what brought this on, but I'm really excited about it!
This weekend I cast off my second Neep Heid. I loved knitting the first one so much (which I gifted to my niece) I knit another, using a different color scheme.  I've been obsessed with "grellow" -- or yellow, grey combinations as the kids on Pinterestcall it. So for this version I used Knit Picks Palette in oyster heather, serpentine, bittersweet heather and cobble stone heather. There are no words. I'm in LOVE. Right now I have it blocking on a dinner plate. More pics to come!
Me and the mister are still hunting for an apartment. Yes, I know...we've been looking FOREVER! If HGTV had a show about us, it would be called House Hunters from Hell! Will Kristin and Dennis finally choose an apartment this season? It would be easy…

Last Saturday

My Grandma at Our Wedding

Over the course of 2 months (including my honeymoon) I knit the Hanging Garden Stole by Sivia Harding. I don't think I need to mention how in love I was with this project, given how many times I mentioned it in blog posts and on the podcast-- hand-beaded, knit with Woolen Rabbit lace in the Scottish Heather colorway... it was a labor of love, as these things usually are.
I vowed this was mine. No one was going to take it away from me, no matter how much they begged or pleaded.

This weekend was my niece's 3rd birthday party (actually, she's my cousin by blood but her mom insists on referring to me and Dennis as her aunt and uncle, and we're just fine with that) Anywho, most of my side of the family was there and it was a lovely time despite the weather being overcast and slightly chilly. So naturally, I tagged along my Hanging Garden just in case.

When I finally caught a chill and took it out, of course my mom immediately tried to abduct it!--…

Episode 27: Hexipuff Epidemic

Purple WIPS
Finally! A new podcast is up. Just a few knitty updates... what's on and off the needles. Also a few patterns perfect for members of the #StashBustArmy! And yes, the ever popular Hexipuff epidemic!

Listen Here: Episode 27: Hexipuff Epidemic

Summer's Sweater All Blocked & Ready to Go!

Traditional Fair Isle Knitting by Sheila McGregor
Knitting Without Tears by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Estonian Flamingo Stole
Beekeepers' Quilt
Making Waves Cardigan
Neep Heid BeretLaminaria Triangular Shawl
Outro Music:

"White Elephant" by Ladytron

How To: 3-Needle Bind Off

Another weekend, come and gone. But my niece, Summer's sweater is finally finished! Not sure if you can make them out, but those are hearts! Big hearts and tiny ones too! I think they'll be more visible once I block it. I really hope it fits her-- or likes it! I know I was griping about the color combo, but the beige and burgundy shades kinda grew on me. :)

The chest comes out to 22", but blocked It'll be about 23" - 24" so for a 3-year-old, I should be in the safe zone. If not, I could convert it into a cardigan-- bite the bullet and try some steeking action!
I also didn't realize that for kids, it's recommended that you NOT shape the sleeves. Oops. Oh well. You live and you learn. ;)

Aaand... while I was at it, I figured I'd whip up a little video tutorial on how to do a 3-needle bind off. I hope you find it helpful. Enjoy! :)

How To: 3 Needle Bind Off from Voolenvine on Vimeo.

Weekend Knitting Round-Up: Labor Day

Design Challenge: 2 Arms Down and A Yoke to Go  I hope everyone had a knitty Labor Day Weekend-- or at least enjoying the last days of summer. I'm a little sad, because I love hot weather! On the other hand, I can't wait for it to cool down so I can wear my Harpswell pullover
Otherwise, lots and lots of knitting this weekend! I put a major dent in my niece's sweater-- and loving the color combination more and more! I'm finally joined the sleeves last night, now for the fun part: fair isle hearts! I mentioned in the last post that I'm turning this into a sort of design challenge: Knitting up something exciting using an otherwise dull color combination. I started a Ravelry thread in the StashBustArmy group for anyone who wants to join in! There's no time limit, start or end date... it's all in good fun! :)  Laminaria, Madelinetosh Prairie There were also a few other fiber distractions, like the LamniariaShawl I cast on, using the Madelinetosh Prairie I'…

Musings: Seriously... What is It About Granny Squares?

Photo is unrelated: All blocked! Now we just need some chilly weather. Anytime I lay eyes on a simple granny square pattern, it never fails. A little party goes off in my head and I silently squeal, "I need to make one!"
For the record, crochet is not my thing. But Granny squares seem so... how can I put this?... Fun! Easy! Neat! Organized!... and they just look awesome!-- every home needs one.  Which is exactly how this postfrom Pickles' blog made me feel today. Granny square pillows! So simple. So easy. So brilliant! I feel like a mad woman going on about this, but I seriously want to make a pair! I have no idea what's stopping me. I have the yarn to do it. It's just the will to go on... Whenever I set down to crochet something, I immediately lose interest maybe about 8 squares or 3 rows into a project. Again, it doesn't  hold the same fascination as knitting does for me. I think I'm just in love with the IDEA of crochet. Then again, it's a dream of…

Design Challenge: Making Dull Color Combos Exciting!

So far, so dull... but I'm about to change that!
Last night I cast on a sweater for my niece's 3rd birthday! My first impulse was to splurge on new yarn, but 2 things held me back:
I have copious amounts of yarn to bust.I don't have much time... her party is on 9/17 and if I know my mailman well, I'm not going to hold my breath.
While this is good news for my stash and budget, I'm not totally enamored with the color combination I chose for this project-- I'm using Knit Picks Worsted Wool of The Andes in Mink Heather and Black Cherry Heather-- colors I chose for two previous sweater projects that didn't pan out. On their own, they are very pretty colors but together, they seem a little drab for my taste, let a lone a 3-year-old's! However out of all the worsted weight yarn in my stash, they are the only two that seem to compliment each other.

On the other hand, I think with the right fair isle pattern the colors can be over-looked. It will be a nice chal…