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The Calm After the Storm

Sunday, August 28th, 2011, 11am
East River, High Tide
Williamsburg Waterfront
First, thank you to everyone who wished me a safe hurricane. I hope everyone on the east coast is getting back into the swing of things... or if anything, safe and sound... and of course, managed to salvage their yarn!

Dennis and I were on the border of Zone A (evacuation territory), so just to be safe, we spent the night with friends in Zone C. It's funny how events like these put things into perspective-- for example: Your house is on fire and only have time to pack 3 things. What do you take? Granted, we had fair warning but it's amazing how much you realize what material things matter most.

Maine Souvenir
Big Al's Sale Rack, $.88
This is what my getaway bag(s) consisted of:
Sweater project, which I was going to lovingly name Irene... but opted for something more upbeat.
3 skeins of Jumbo Bamboo yarn to start another stranded project (if need be)2 skeins Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky to st…

Maine & The Hurricane

Teal Halcyon Victorian / Chocolate Village Farm Alpacas
Home from Maine! -- the land of lobster, gorgeous vistas and (who knew?) fiber! I've never been so far up north before... although Dennis has several times, so I let him lead the way. As for travel knitting, I brought the sweater I spoke of in my last post... the sweater that I was determined to finish before we left!-- But, surprise! I'm still not done... Hah! However, thanks to all the driving around we did-- (Camden, Booth Bay Harbor, Bailey Island, and of course the Freeport Outlets...!) I managed to put a huge dent in it and so I can safely say it's almost done! Woohoo!

We had a great time, however I'm amazed I survived! Born and raised in New York City, I am far from an out-doorsy person... and certainly have my limits! For example: Dennis rarely gets me onto a nature trail, a beach or into a canoe without me kicking and screaming, so to speak... and believe it or not, I don't even own a real pair of s…

Doing More, Saying Less...

It seems I've been on a break from the world of social networking... I must admit, I've been a busy bee and it's hard to keep up!

To top things off, next week we're going to Maine! I've never been-- Dennis has, a few times and is really excited to take me. All I know about the place is that blueberries are in season and the weather is supposed in the 60s (ºF)-- a nice break from this insane New York heatwave we've been having! Not to mention, after the last several weeks, a vacation is definitely in order. I can't wait!

Greenpoint, Brooklyn
In lieu of the anticipated temperature drop, I've been inspired to knit a sweater. At last! My knitting mojo has kicked back into gear. Phew! Full force actually... I some how got it into my head that I can knit one in under a week! (worsted weight, US 5 needles) Pppffft! Tell me... have I lost the plot? ;)
Which pattern, you ask? Well, in addition to getting my knitting mojo back, I've been bitten by the design …