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Diana + Me

Where Oh, where have I been?! It's embarrassing to think that I officially have 100 blog followers and I haven't been consistently blogging.

Where to begin? Well, my knitting mojo has been a little wonky these days. I temporarily lost interest in knitting my 'Making Waves' Cardigan and 'Cladonia' shawl for silly reasons. I hit a speed bump and the thought of having to rip back didn't strike my fancy so I put them aside.

So what did I do? I bit the bullet and picked up my Cladonia again! I ripped back and picked up all those little stitches! Now I'm about 10 rows into the lace edging and I still think I fudged it. It's hard to tell with baby alpaca. It's so fuzzy! I'm not sure what I'm going to do... I think I'll finish the lace edge, but if it still looks a off, I'll probably have to rip it back out... not looking forward to that.
But when you use nice yarn, such as Frog Tree, it's hard to justify or forgive work that's slap…

Episode 26: Unscripted!

Return to Cape Cod!

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FO: Hanging Garden Stole


Making Waves

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