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Episode 5: Hat From Hell

This week I jabber on about a little stash-bust project that gave me a hell of a time, revew KnitScene Fall 2010, and some more Stash-Busty goodness!


Baroness BeretTraveling Woman Shawl

KnitScene Fall 2010

Didn't see this one coming, right? ;-) A place to chat, babble and discuss the show... questions, comments, whatever.

Also, if you're part of the #StashBustArmy, Catch up on missed tweets, or just post your progress here! Anything goes, really! The more the merrier! Click here to join!


Hoxton Handmade: Electric Sheep Podcast
NuurdyGirl Podcast

! Can't escape the pigeons!

Episode 4: What To Knit?

Punk'd declared anarchy on my swift... can you tell?

Now with better audio!-- All quiet on the knitting front this week, but I manage to scrounge up some mostly free stash-busting patterns, review Vogue Knitting's iPhone App (iTunes Link) and dish about baking in this horrendous summer heat!
Still working on my Traveling Woman Shawl... on seeing how many more Chart A repeats I can manage. Vinelle sleeve #2 seems to have entered a black-hole vortex. Contemplating what to knit with OnTheRound's Punk'd Sock Yarn

Anna Hrachovec's Mochi Mochi Landpatterns
Ablone Cardigan
Calais Shawl
Summer Flies Shawl/Wrap
Felicity Hat
All-Day Beret
Ysolda's Icing Swirl Hat
Annis Shawl
Susie's Reading Mitts
Star Stitch Headband
Fernfrost ScarfPrincess Squares Blanket
Honorable Mentions:
Endpaper MittsDROPS Blanket w/ Garter Stitch SquaresBLUEBERRY SAUCE RECIPE:

2 Cups Fresh Blueberries1 Cup Sugar1 Cup Water2 tbsp orange zest (opt…

Episode 3: Stash Bust Army

Disclaimer: Again, I apologize for the audio quality. I picked up a new (albeit affordable) mic at Best Buy last week, but am still not happy with the quality. It's not unbearable- better than last week for sure, but the A/C in the background certainly doesn't help.

This week, I babble on about:

My quest for alone time. (pray tell, does she ever find it???) Escape To The Cape Part DeuxBarnstable Fair in Yarmouth, MA
The Stash Bust Army: A KAL, or Twit-Along where the idea is to bust as much yarn from your stash as possible! Knit any pattern you want, for the love of angora bunnies, use up the yarn!... Then post your progress and photos on twitter followed by #StashBustArmy!-- even share stash-bust-worthy patterns! So much fun! If you find yourself drowning in your stash, feel free to join! The more the merrier!

What I'm Knitting:
Jared Flood's Turn a Square Hat using KnitPicks Wool of The Andes remnants Thujasocks from, using the Plymouth Yarn Happy Feet I bou…

Episode 2: Vacation

Dennis and I spent 4th of July weekend in Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. Lots of beach, lobster, wine, and yes... knitting! Hear all about it in this week's episode of YarnGasm:

What I'm Knitting

10 hour round trip to and from Cape Cod + 4 hour round-trip ferry ride to Martha's Vineyard + Beach = Major dent in my Gypsy Stroll Tonal Shetland Triangle Shawl!

Yarn Shops

(Sea yarn?)
Adventures in Knitting - Harwich Port, MA
Fancie Purls - Plymouth, MA
La Casita Yarn Shop - Brookyln, NY (Give Miss Ria a big hug!) ;-)

Stash Additions

From Adventures in Knitting, I bought 2 yummy skeins of Plymouth Yarn Company - Happy Feet, Fingering Weight colorway: 17
Still not sure what I'm going to knit with it... suggestions?

Blog Mentions

@KnittyorNice - Travelling Woman Shawl , Little Collonade Shawl
@OnTheRound - Etsy Shop