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KIPing in Montauk

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone had a long and relaxing Memorial Day Weekend! I managed to get some beach time and BBQing in... Summer is definitely ON!

On-call for work be damned! Saturday, Dennis and I did a quick getaway to Montauk. It was a risk-- had my boss called me to come in, we'd have to drive back 2+ hours and forfeit our Motel deposit. ::cringe:: However, we were desperate to get out of the city and luckily our plan went smoothly!... well, sort of.

Long story short-- since we were being spontaneous, we didn't put much thought into lodging. After a quick internet search, Dennis booked a room at the Lido Resort Motel. We get there and the place is crawling with boisterous teens that were obviously drunk... and who knows what else. (listen to me, I sound like a old bitty!) But seriously, being kept up til 4am, forced to listen to these kids swear like long-shore men, puking their brains out, breaking windows isn't what we signed up for-- And yes, the…

Lemongrass & Mariposa


I'm not going to dive into my usual schpiel, "Sorry I've been MIA... blah blah blah...," but yes, this past week, I've been a busy worker bee bringing home the honey. I try to update the blog at least every weekend, but sometimes I'm not able to get to it. Case in point, Dennis and I drove up to Hudson Valley scouting out more wedding venues and I'm happy to report, we found one!!! It's gorgeous, the perfect size, and totally fits our budget! Will post more details once we set an official date-- We're aiming for June of 2011! ::does happy dance::


I've been plowing through my Fiona All Grown-Up top... well, slightly. While I'm sure the pattern is very well written in it's native tongue, the English translation could use a little help. But, fret not. There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Once you get past joining the back and front, the rest is a breeze.
My KAL ladies, @KnittyorNice, @CheekyTark and @K…

Katonah Yarn Company

My parents are moving this month, so Dennis and I spent Saturday in Westchester helping them pack. Being city folk, they moved into a house much too big for them so now their moving into a more suitable-sized home down the road. Seriously, every time we visit them, it's like an episode of MTV Cribs; only a few rooms lived in. The rest empty! I'm glad it only took them a year to realize this. ;-)

OK, I lied. Dennis and my dad spent the day lifting heavy boxes into a U-Haul, while my mom kidnapped me to go shopping. We hit up the mall, did some damage at Forever21. I then whipped out my iPhone and Knit-Mapped the nearest yarn shop. Katonah Yarn Company popped up and we were off!

Incredible! Every wall, floor to ceiling stocked with yarn! Everything from Malabrigo, Cascade, Madelinetosh, Lorna's Laces... For a tiny hut in the parking lot of an mini-mall, this place had it all! I may have experienced a yarn-gasm.

I told my mom to pick out some yarn. I of course, suggested Malabr…

Mother's Day

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day! I spent the day at my Aunt's house with my family. Lots of yummy home cooking, wine and baked goods, which apparently I'm still digesting.

I finished blocking my Mom's Hemlock Ring Throw just in time! (If there ever were a Knitter's workout... this would be it!) However, once dry, it retained a filmy residue. Lesson learned: Make sure ALL soak is rinsed completely out of FO before blocking. Thankfully, it's cotton and was able to just rinse it again and dry it out on the fire escape. I was very lucky because it was a super windy sunshine day! It dried in less than 3 hours!

I also finished blocking my future Mother-In-Law's Feather Duster Shawl! I was very skeptical of the pattern not showing through the color, however, it blocked wonderfully! I can't wait to give it to her!!! (Because I might just keep it!) ;-)

I also sewed 3 tiny mother of pearl buttons at one of the edges. I guess if she wants to button it, or t…

Knitcation Recap

So my knitcation is over.... and what an awesome one it was!

Friday I was itching to bake something, so I made the Banana Nutella Bread Telma (aka @KnittyorNice) posted about. It turned out DELICIOUS and I'm happy to report, it was totally gone a day later!

I also managed to put a major dent in my Hemlock Ring Throw and Feather Duster shawl...
OK, I wasn't sure if the muted purple was working with the pattern, but thanks to all the 2nd opinions on Twitter, I'm going to hold my breath and finish it. I'm sure good blocking will definitely help.
To top the day off, my issue of Interweave Knits Summer 2010 came in the mail!
Definitely cuing the Saddle Tee, Marigold Sweater and Florentine dress. I like the Box 96 pullover featured ont he cover, except maybe I'd leave out the ruffles, and add some sleeves to that puppy.

Saturday I visited La Casita in Carroll Gardens where I finally met Ria (aka @RiaKnits)! I can't begin to tell you how awesome she is! She welcomed me with…