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Knitcation Day 1

9:50 am - Morning Knit

I was hoping to swing by the post office to pick up my KnitPicks yarn package. Good thing I called ahead, because they can't locate it at the moment. Super! Apparently they delivered it 3 days ago, while I wasn't home. You think they'd leave a notice on the door to let me know. Nope. The PO worker I spoke with said it might just be out for delivery again...Here's hoping.

In the meantime, knitting merrily away on my Hemlock Ring whilst contemplating which yarn shop to hit up. I need some DK weight cotton yarn to knit the lacey tunic from Vogue Knitting and some Malabrigo for my dad's version of Amawalk. Perhaps Brooklyn General, if I'm feeling daring. Or maybe bike over to Michaels, and save the splurge for La Casita on Saturday! I've been longing to check it out, and finally meet Ria!!! No major plans, so I should be able to make it. ;-)

12:00 pm - Major De-Stash

Had to be done. I think there's even some hand-me-down fun fur in there.…

Blocking Kristin

Amawalk is finished! (aka the "Scowl" I was knitting for my dad's birthday) I know, I know... I couldn't resist sewing on the green buttons. It had to be done. Dennis grew fond of it as well and so we've agreed to share it as needed. Besides, I think my dad would appreciate a different color scheme all together. I'm thinking medium heather gray with pale brown wooden buttons-- But overall, a successful prototype!

Saturday, I made use of a gift certificate to Massage Williamsburg, a b-day present from Dennis back in January. Lordy knows, I needed a good "blocking!"-- pun totally intended! *ba-dump-bump-ching!* Long story short... it was A-mazing! (If you're reading this, Thanks Pooks!!!)
After, I biked over to The Yarn Tree... OK, I know. I'm supposed to be on a yarn diet. ESPECIALLY, since I have more Knit Picks yarn coming in the mail any day now. But since I was already pampering myself, I couldn't resist.

I was hoping to find some reason…

Sicky Icky

I left work early today, on account of a food plague. My stomach was doing cartwheels all morning and after a feverish chill, I decided it was time to go home. After a nice bowl of soup, a few shots of Pepto and some knitting therapy, I almost feel right as rain. :) And look! I even have time to blog!

So, my Dad's birthday is coming up at the end of May and figured I've give myself a head start on his present. He's been complaining about his office having an Arctic-like climate, so I'm designing a cowly-scarf of sorts for him using the worsted Malabrigo I adopted purchased at Brooklyn General. I was having second thoughts about the color (Roanoke) but after seeing it knit up, it's really lovely.
My selfishness is even kicking in, thinking how cute it would be paired with some bright green buttons I found at JUNK. Hmm... ;-)
For his, I might get some of those wooden oblong buttons.

Yesterday, I picked up the spring/summer 2010 issue of Vogue Knitting. I was actually sur…


I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine flew by way too quick.

I've been a busy bee as usual: Working like a mad woman, barely able to knit up a storm... more like a drizzle. I manage to fit in a few stitches here and there. Waking up at 6am on weekdays gives me at least an hour and a half of decent knitting time... sleep be damned!

So, it's been a week since I posted my Vinelle Cardigan pattern on Ravelry and I'm flabbergasted by how many people purchased it so far! I had no idea it would do so well! Over 20 sold and 717 Ravelry hearts, as it stands now. I'm blushing. Thank you! ::does happy dance::

However, it's been a learning experience. Oh, yes! After publishing said pattern, several typos and glitches surfaced-- Everything from cast on numbers matching up after decreases, to sleeve joins... I have a lot more to learn about size calculations. Keeping fingers crossed, all mistakes have been resovled, but thanks to all who sent me a note letting me know.

This wee…

Vinelle Pattern

I'm happy announce that the pattern for Vinelle is finally posted on Ravelry!

Trying to find time to write and edit (not to mention working out the various size calculations) was an incredible challenge, but thanks to everyone who kept nudging me to get the pattern out. I'm also in awe that the project already has 51 Ravelry hearts! How's that for motivation? So, many, many thanks!

Since my mom nearly stole the cardigan right off my back last Easter, I've decided to give it to her and knit another using KnitPicks Simply Cotton Worsted in Toffee. ;-) Weee!

Flight of The Ishbels

First, I'd like to apologize. I've been a bit flighty this week, via Twitter and keeping up with my favorite blogs... Another busy week at le day job. I did try my best to dip in to say hello and to see what you were all up to, whenever possible. I hope all is well! Despite the hectic week, I was incredibly lucky to have met a new knitter through @KnittyOrNice! A big hello to @GettingPurly, who also knit up a gorgeous version of my Hilde hat! Check it out on her blog,
Not only does she knit up the cutest fingerless mitts, and hats, offer helpful tutorials, but her posts burst with inspiration! And if you're a sucker for flowers photos, like me... look no further ;-)

In other news... Saturday was all a blur. I just remember catching up on podcasts, a few blogs... Here's To Ewe! Is back! Yay! I've missed those guys. Other than that, knitting... knitting, knitting, knitting. There may have been a car ride involved.
This aftersnooze…

How To Frog Lace Without Losing Your Mind

It was bound to happen. I flubbed one of the last few rows of my Ishbel shawl. Since I had been working on it for the most part of Saturday, I decided to put it aside and come back to it. So, I sucked it up, pulled all 300+ stitches off the needles and frogged two and a half rows! Thankfully, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

While I did not heed Kelly Petkun's advice to use dental floss as a lifeline, here's another way to save lace projects without completely losing your mind:

1. Have a good audio book or lineup of podcasts handy. TV not recommended. Since you're dealing with lace here, it's advisable to keep your eyes on those dainty stitches as much as possible.

2. Gently pull stitches off the needle. Lie project flat in your lap and slowly frog the stitches. (Everynow and then, take a moment to wind loose yarn back around the skein to prevent tangles)

5. Choose a needle size 1-2 sizes smaller than what you're using. This makes it easier to pick up th…

The Stash Stops Here!... at least for now.

A giddy end to a crazy week: My KnitPicks yarn and Amazon shipment were waiting for me when I got home!

Seriously, this needs to stop. No more yarn! I think I'm set for the rest of the summer. Must not buy yarn for at least 2 months-- Pfft! We'll see how that resolution holds up.

I ordered 2 skeins from KnitPicks' new Tonal Stroll line: One in Gypsy and the other in Queen Anne. They're gorgeous! Gypsy has all red tones ranging from a bright vermillion to magenta to a deep raspberry, while Queen Anne is mostly citrusy yellows with a hint of grapefruit. I can't wait to knit these up! I smell triangle shawls galore! They're so cheery to look at :)
I also ordered several skeins of Simply Cotton Worsted in Toffee and Comfy Worsted in Pomegranate. For these, I'm thinking cardigans.

Also via post, "Knitting Lace Triangles" by Evelyn A. Clark! I was surprised how small the book is, which definitely makes learning to design my own patterns less intimidating...…