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Trial & Error

I spent the last few days, without avail, attempting to design a triangular shawl pattern; I know, I know... something far beyond my expertise! But I felt like a challenge. The whole thing is very trial and error: Figuring out where to make the increases, repeat rounds, and swatch knitting... oh yes, the whole kit-n-kaboodle!
Thus far, it's been an epic fail but I have to give myself credit. I'm determined to make it work. I rarely feel this way about anything, except the important things of course! I've bought books, researched online, you name it! I've got my resources set up. So, if it doesn't work today, it'll work a little more tomorrow. Of course, Dennis probably thinks I've lost my mind in the process...

And so, this weekend is my birthday! Sunday will be gobbled up at my parents' house, so Dennis and I are pre-celebrating today. I'm not letting him off easy either... I anticipate storming various yarn shops that I haven't been to... hittin…


Happy Sunday!

I seem to have put the blog on the back burner for a bit. Mainly because of a crazy work schedule, getting other things done and then taking advantage of every free moment to knit. And yes, there's been lots of knitting! I finished my Owls Sweater last night, blocked it and then started sewing on the eyes. That is going to take a while! Fingers crossed-- I can knock it out this morning so I can wear it later! :D (Even though it's still a smidge damp...)

**UPDATE** Finished blocking / sewing on buttons!!!

However, the pattern wasn't written very clear, in my opinon. I interpreted the direction c/o as "cast-on", but really it was "cast-off"... froggery ensues! But wait! It doesn't end there. After completing the short rows, I realized the stitches were off-center to where the armholes should be... so I had to frog back once again, and figure out the math myself... not a terrible nightmare, but you know... Other than that, it's a very lo…


I've been trying to do things outside of 'the box' lately. I'm a terrible creature of habit, so I think it's good that I try something new here and there.

I've never been one for knitting toys, but a few nights ago I stumbled on FuzzyMitten's Ravelry page and was reduced to a giant puddle of "Awwwwww!"... I couldn't help myself from casting on her free Fuzzy Lamb pattern.

So far so good. I plan on sneaking it into Dennis carry on before he leaves for California, next week! He'll think I've totally lost the plot, but love him nonetheless! ;-)

I also found a new years resolution I can stick to... 100 Ideas by Keri Smith. Someway, some how, I'm going to work my way through this entire list! (with the exception of 'filling an entire page with circles and coloring them all in'... somehow, i don't find that very productive or inspsiring)

That being said, it's time for work. It's always time for work. work work work. The w…


On Saturday, Dennis and I checked out Brooklyn Flea's New Digs at the Brooklyn Savings Bank. For those of you unfamiliar, Brooklyn Flea is a weekend Flea Market for local artists, crafters, collectors... Lots of antiques, retro china, furniture, deer heads, vintage clothes... A little expensive, but worth the trip just to see what it's all about. Anyway, I found these vintage buttons for $3! I'm all about buttons these days.

What I'm Knitting

I took a break from my Mitaine @ Moufles this weekend. I've decided the Knit Picks Stroll yarn I'm using is not all that and a bag of Skittles, if you know what I mean. It's too socky... not squishy, woolly and soft, as I prefer my mittens to be. So, I've cast them aside until I find more appropriate "wooliage".

In the meantime, I found a project for the skein of Unicorn I've been coveting, and improvising a cardigan for my 2-yr old niece (to-be), Juliana. So far so good, although, I wish I didn't in…

Mitaines & Moufles & Anthropologie

Happy Friday to all and to all a fun-filled Friday night! Yes... I just made that up. I'm just so flipping glad it's Friday. But you already knew that ;-)

I managed to get a lot of knitting done this morning, thanks to whomever decided it was a good idea to shovel snow flurries at 5am. It barely snowed half an inch! What's to shovel but concrete? Nevertheless, I was up, and knitting away on my Mitaines & Moufles. I still have a ways to go, but I'm half way done with the first Mitaine.

Oh yes, then there's my Anthropologie-Inspired Caplet. I really didn't give this project much press, for whatever reason. It was more of an "I'll knit whatever the hell I can get my needles on" kind of thing... a knitter's act of desperation if you will. I finished it in a day, and proudly wore it to work. I felt quite smart wearing it over my black and white Toile dress with leggings and boots. :) I used Knit Picks Cadena in Neptune... I don't usually wear…

What to Knit Now?

Hey there! Hope everyone is having a happy and relaxing New Years weekend.

Ishbell III is finished! Now, what to knit next?

Silly me left my Big Cables sweater at my parents house, over Christmas! Thankfully, my mom said she'll send it in the mail. Phew!

I did find this awesome shrug pattern, Forest Frill, I thought I could make using my Knit Pick's Bulky Cadena yarn, but apparently it calls for more than two skeins. Ho-Hum. Maybe I can double up some Wool of the Andes yarn I have lying around.

Also, my new digital camera came in the mail yesterday! Works like a dream. So excited. Having brunch with friends later, and going to take lots of pictures!