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Sadly, I finished listening to all four books of the Twilight saga... I admit, it's left me wanting more. however, this is a good thing, because I was getting absolutely nothing done! Just sitting in my alcove, listening and knitting away, as the dishes and laundry just piled up. Not to mention, I abandoned poor Dennis for a fictional vampire fest!
But still, I'm a little ho-hum now, because I'm at a loss for what I should listen to next. Of course, I have all my knitting podcasts to catch up on: Electric Sheep, KnitPicks, Knitmore Girls... I'm set for a few days. But books! Maybe something a little more substantial is in order? :-P

So, what's on the needles these days? I hit a brick wall in the inspiration department, and without thinking, cast on a third Ishbel. I'm using KnitPicks's Stroll in Basalt Heather, which I orignially wanted to use to knit a Daybreak scarf for Dennis, but when I mentioned it was triangular, he made a face that kind of said, "…

So That Was Christmas...

Hope everyone had a happy holiday! Don't know about you, but I'm slightly glad it's over. All the family, food, and shopping... gets a little overwhelming, if you know what I mean. But there were lots of good parts, too!
I must have been more nice than naughty this year, since Dennis surprised me with a yarn swift for Christmas / Hanukkah!
It works like a dream. What would have taken me 2 hours to do, assuming "the position" (factoring in all the de-tangling ), took only 5 minutes to wind a hank of yarn.

I also finished knitting Dennis' Cruiser Mittens. Admittedly, my Kitchener stitch needs improvement, but for the most part, they turned out alright. They fit, and more importantly, he likes them! :-)

My mom is now the proud owner of the Velvet Grapes Malabrigo Ishbel I knit a few weeks ago, and am currently knitting another out of Knit Picks Stroll in Basalt Heather. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. ;-) I really ought to learn how to design my own triangular s…

Late Adopter

Thanks to the snowy weather, and my PiMSy mood, I managed to get a lot of knitting done, *snicker* and officially engrossed in the Twilight saga. As a late adopter, I must admit, I scoffed at the whole thing, but curiosity killed the cat. Go ahead... laugh all you want. I'm a sucker for fluffy plots. I've become totally engrossed. No turning back. At the moment I'm mid-way through the third book. One more to go! What to do when it's all over??? Hehe.

OK, on to knitting. I finished knitting Wisp! Surprisingly, JUNK came through on the button end. I found these grayish pearl-esque ones that match Malabrigo's Pearl Ten perfectly! Still not sure who to give it to... I almost want to be selfish and keep it for myself. It's so soft, and totally my color. Hmmmm.

I also decided to knit Dennis a pair of Cruiser mittens. He said he didn't want a pair, but who came through with a purse full-o-mittens while carrying groceries home in the frigid air? Moi. ;-)

Can't bel…


This week went by much too fast, but got a lot done.

I finished knitting Bella's Mittens. Right now, they're taking their time drying from a decent blocking. Maybe I'll take a blow-dryer to them so I can wear them out today. It's gonna be a cold one.

I got sick of staring at my other skein of Malabrigo Lace in Pearl Ten and decided to knit a last minute Christmas gift. Someone's getting a Wisp, but not sure who. ;-)

Time for work. I should have just taken today off too, but then I couldn't carry over any leftover vacation days to next year. Oh well. Just one day, and next week wil be a quicky. Woohoo!


Yodellay, all!

I've been off the blogging radar for a while, because I just got back from a long weekend in South Beach Miami! Dennis' band played a music festival there, but also spent plenty of time at the beach... So, I guess you could kind of call it a tour-cation. ;-) *ba-dump-bump-ching*

I definitely under-estimated Miami as a vacation spot-- gorgeous beach, amazing food, lots of shopping! My only gripe was the music scene, which is very different from New York's, and the night life was not really my cup of tea... But to each their own. All in all, it was a quick, relaxing getaway. Not to mention, I have the rest of the week off to knit my heart out!

On the way to Miami and back, I started a pair of Bella's Mittens using doubled strands of WoTA in Black Cherry Heather. They're super quick to knit. Still working on the second, but that's nearly done. Also, I finished listening to Twilight on Audiobook, and already on the second saga. Totally hooked. Oye vey.


Ishbel 2


Man, what a looooong day at work. I only stayed a half hour over time, but it felt like more.

I stalked my yarn shipment this morning and it's been sitting in the Greenpoint Post Office since Saturday. So naturally, I was looking forward to coming home to Dennis, and a nice big box of yummy wool. However, there was no box, and I just caught Dennis on the way out to band practice. ho-hum.

This is why I opt to have stuff shipped to my office. My hood's post office might as well revive the Pony Express at the rate they go. If you think about it, with all the hipsters ranting and raving about being more "green", it would be more energy efficient, and not to mention a cuter ride.

I really hope it comes tomorrow, because I'm leaving for Miami on Thursday. Yes, Kristin is going on vacation... well, on 3-day get-away with fiance's band.


I finished Ishbel 2 last night, and amazingly, I still have yarn left over... probably enough to make another if I wanted…

Skeined Knees


For Christmas, I would like a yarn swift. No pretty dresses, not cash. A yarn swift, just so I don't have to assume the position. By "position", I mean sitting up-right, feet flat on the floor and knees tilted right at a 45 degree angle, towards my KnitPicks ball winder, with skein of yarn draped carefully over said knees. This method usually works well, until the yarn snags and causes a massive tangle!

I spent the morning winding lace Malabrigo. This time, I was determined to be extra careful, but of course, the inevitable happened. The casualty was not bad... maybe lost a good 2 or 3 yards. But after that, off the winder it came and enlisted my right hand to wrap-around the rest. The whole process took me over an hour and a half, but thankfully I had the KnitMore Girls podcast to keep me company.

Also, today, Dennis bought me a bicycle! It's all vintage, shiny and blue! My last one was stolen and he found this one on Craigslist for a steal. I love him!!!

In the car,…

R.I.P. Swallowtail. Hello Ishbel!

It's finished! I blocked it last night, but could probably use another round. After listening to the Here's To Ewe podcast about blocking, I realize I don't have a decent place to block FOs. They mentioned something about using the wall to block with cork boards... maybe I should turn one of the walls in my knitting lounge into wall of cork! D would loooove that! hah.

My Malabrigo yarn came last night! It's really soft, and the skeins are a lot smaller than I imagined. (Malabrigo virgin here ::waves hello::) Hard to believe 470 yds are all twisted up in there. But if dey say so... otay!

Other than that, busy work week. So fried. I'm glad it's Friday!

Ishbel & The Unicorn

Aside from a small walk with Dennis earlier, I must've spent my entire Sunday Knitting. I finished Habitat, then jumped right into knitting Ishbel by Ysolda. Using Knit Picks Telemark in Garnet Heather, I was debating whether to use Sport Weight Wool, but since my Swallowtail is out of commission, I figured it would be a good winter replacement. I've been knitting away at it like a mad woman and just about 75% finished!

After perusing's Malabrigo yarn, I took the plunge and ordered 2 lace-weight skeins! One in Pearl Ten, the other in Velvet Grapes. Maybe I can knit up some quick Ishbels for Xmas gifts. If I can finish the one I'm working on in two more days, I can make it happen! I have the power. I have the technology! ::Cue Million Dollar Man Sound Effect::

This is a disaster waiting to happen... isn't it?

Finally, I should tell you I have a rather unhealthy obsession with unicorns. Heavens knows why, I find them pretty, majestic and just over-the-t…