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2 Days After Thanksgiving

Hey there,
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!... or if you don't celebrate, a great last Thursday! Lucky me got to enjoy 2 Turkey Day events: Thursday with my family, and Friday with Dennis' family. Good times, and SOOOOO MUCH FOOOOOOOD! It's safe to say I'm stuffed 'til New Years. But I did get to see my two little nieces, Summer who's just starting to walk, and Julianna who is starting to talk! She actually called us Uncle Dennis and Aunt Kristin for the first time!!! Yaaay! So cute!)

All finished blocking the Rosamund Cardigan, but still have to figure out the button sitch... I love the color and how the cables turned out, but to be honest, I'm still not liking the short sleeves. May just gift it to my mom for Christmas since she fell in love with it when I showed it to her.

(Vernal Equinox Shawl has officially become a sofa spread!)

With the leftover wool, I knit Dennis Habitat by Jared Flood. It turned out so cool, that I may just snag it! ;-) It was…

Hot off the needles... and stove!

Deadline met! I finished my Rosamund cardigan just in time for Thanksgiving. Still needs to be blocked, but here's she is!

I also made Brigadeiros, Brazillian Chocolate Taffys, which I took the liberty of spiking with a little rum and a dash of chili powder. Shhh! ;-) So yum and easy to make!

Off to grab some Thai with D!

Saturday Knitting

Enjoying a totally lazy day of knitting. I've been up since 7am, putting a major dent in my cardigan. Don't worry, I got out to enjoy the sun, and the strangely warm weather we've been having. I also made Spicy Lentil soup with Ham and Veggies for lunch! Normally I make Split Pea, but this weekend I decided to try something different. Feast your eyes!

While out, I stopped in my LYS to pick up some hook and eye closures for said cardigan. I made the mistake of not reading the pattern all the way through (like I doooo), and failed to make the button holes where they were required. Oopsies! But no worries. Closures and faux buttons to the rescue!

Speaking of buttons, I need to visit JUNK-- a relatively new vintage store that opened near me. It mostly sells furniture (not too expensive)... chinaware, clothes, jewelry... but more recently, creepy little dolls! You know the kind you'd find sitting in your granny's china cabinet, wearing a pretty dress, and opens and close…

Optimus Comatose

For the holidays, I decided I want to knit the DROPS Baby Poncho for my 2 little nieces! I've seen this pattern around, but I can't ignore it anymore! It's too cute!!! They're definitely a little older than the baby in the photo, but I think I can pull it off.

Speaking of holiday gifts, I asked my mom what she wanted me to knit her for Christmas. Her answer? A long scarf knit in red eye-lash yarn! I'm not kidding. I'm sorry, mom. You can beg and plead all you want. I love you but that's just not going to happen. What is it? Seriously, non-knitting family members ALWAYS ask for the things we knitters LOATHE to knit... There should be a Knitters' Code that we pass along to them before we cast on our holiday projects. Just the other week when I asked my cousin what her favorite color is, she of course said, "If it's something knitted, black! Black! Black!" NO! No! No!

I love you all, but I'm knitting you something in a cheery color with man…

Twist Collective Winter 2009

On to skein 4! Yep, I'm up to the part of knitting my Rosamund's Cardigan where I put the arm holes onto scrap yarn! I'm not sure if there's a technical name for doing this. I feel like there should be... like "Sleeve-Scrapping" or something rather. Very excited! I might just have it finished in time for Thanksgiving.

Also, anxiously awaiting to re-stock their stash of Iris Heather Wool of The Andes. Today's the day! Right now on the site, instead of a date it says "Available Soon"... Ugh, I'm such a yarn stalker! ;-)

So that's it for projects and updates.

I had some time to check out the New Winter 2009 issue of Twist Collective. I've only just heard about the site, and I really like they're layout. Just like, it's a website about knitting with articles and patterns, but it reads like a virtual magazine. Very clever!

A few patterns caught my attention:

Mitains & Moufles As you know, I'm on a mitte…

Confessions & Nominations

Normally, I like to keep my knitting and what I actually do for a living separate, for obvious reasons, mostly: privacy, embarrassment and fear of judgment (from both co-workers and fellow knitters). I know, I know... who cares!... but quite honestly, I'm not quite sure either side needs to know that I tweet and blog separately... yet!

But here we go.

As you've probably gathered, I'm a video editor for a news channel... a rather big one... and that's all I'm going to say here about it except I also produce a video podcast that reviews iPhone Apps on a weekly basis. (Shocking!... I know.) But, tonight I found out my podcast was nominated for a 2009 Podcast Award (Best Mobile Phone Formated Podcast category)! Pretty unbelievable! If you're interested, here's the iTuneslink please check it out. Writing it can be a little tough, but I do have a fun time producing it, and the radio talent, who does the voice over is Brilliant! (And yes, those are my hands.)

PS. t…

Mexcellent Knits!

Looks like Knit Picks isn't going to have the yarn I need to finish knitting my Big/Little Cables pullover until 11/19. In the meantime, I cast on Rosamund's Cardigan from Interweave Fall 09. I'm using Wool of The Andes Worsted in Amber Heather, although after working with it for several hours, the color reminds me of Chipotle re-fried beans, which in turn makes me hungry for Mexican food. ;-) Also, I'm not super crazy about the short sleeves. If I have enough yarn left over, I might just knit some.

OK, you may laugh or cry when you see this (I did a combination of both)... My Swallowtail Shawl accidentally went into the wash yesterday and it completely shrunk and felted! I mean, it looks cool and all, but it's too small and thick to be a scarf anymore... or maybe, I don't know. Not for me. I can probably use it for something.... home decor anyone?

My hand for the most part is back to normal, but tightens after a few minutes of knitting. I have to stop and stre…

My Left Hand

Sunday night I dozed off on the sofa watching TV. About a half hour later, I woke up and realized my left arm fell asleep and never woke up! Totally useless, and dead as a doormat! After freaking out and scouring WebMD, we decided it might be a pinched nerve, carpal tunnel.... or as Dennis claims, too-much-knittigitus, and I should lay-off the knitting for a while! Pffft!

I saw a doctor, an 80-year-old woman where I could swear everything from the furniture in her office to the medical tools she used was an antique. I told her my plight and she chalked it up to "Saturday Night-itus" ... or something rather. I looked at her like she had 3 heads and she continued, "You know when the drunks fell asleep in the park with one arm up on the bench? They couldn't feel their arm in the morning. That's what you've got!"
"Well, I did have 2 drinks with friends last night..." I replied. She said nothing of importance after that, and prescribed me pills &quo…


It's been a weekend of Knitting! Work's been a bit stressful lately, so it was good to just sit and do nothing but what I love to do most, hours on end, no less! I've managed to put a major dent in my Baby Cables & Big Ones Too sweater. Aside from one tiny (but in my mind GAPING) hole, there are several unsightly mistakes, but since they are unsightly, I won't mention them. ;-)

Sunday, Dennis and I took a walk along Manhattan Avenue to check out the Marathon. Usually we just sit at home and watch it mindlessly on the boob-tube, but this year, we got out. It was pretty exciting, come to think of it. Not only watching professional runners run, but those who actually dress up in silly costumes like lions, tigers, and dudes in pink tutus, to name a few. It was like the Halloween Parade on speed!But my absolute favorite part of the marathon was seeing a local Polish metal band called "Wet Coma" play right outside my LYS! I couldn't believe my eyes and had t…