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Cables & Crawls

Exhibit A above, clearly suggests another case of start-itus. I cast on Suvi Simola's Baby Cables and Big Ones Too sweater a few days ago and I can't believe 35 rows uses up one whole skein of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. Craziness!

I've been so caught up knitting shawls, socks, hats and mittens, I forgot how much I love knitting sweaters. But not all is lost. I did learn a few things about myself during this sweater-knitting hiatus:

1. Sock knitting can be fun. At least the first sock. Once I get to the second, I just lose all interest or am distracted by another project. Also, if all that labor of love's just going to be hidden away in your boots, what's the point? I've seen many beautifuly knitted socks, no offense to those who enjoy knitting them, but it's just not for me. Sorry.

2. Mittens provide instant gratification, practicality and warmth... and unlike socks, you can show them off!

3. I won't be knitting ALL my holiday gifts. Taking the advice of…

Cowls & Mittens

I haven't been sleeping well and it showed in my work this week. Between caffeine and mosquitoes buzzing around my ear while trying to count woolly sheep, I've been acting like an absolute zombie! I'm kicking myself because I missed the deadline for my video edit. What was supposed to be approved by 1pm yesterday, is still unfinished. My boss's jaw dropped when he saw me still sitting there at 6:30pm, still hacking away at it. He wasn't mad. Just shocked. Unless he was holding back because it was Friday and he had a football game to catch. Who knows. At the rate I was going, I'd yell at me.

Just having one of those "weeks", I guess. Everyone has them... especially ladies. ;-)

Anyway, back to more important things...knitting!

I finished knitting my mittens with the Periwinkle Sheep wool I bought from Rhinebeck! I meant to post a photo of the skein but I'm embarassed to admit, halfway through winding it, it became a tangled mess of spaghetti! Thankfull…


Aside from being called-in to work to cover the "Balloon Boy" presser (apparently very newsworthy stuff) it was a great weekend. Thankfully, KnittingKnoobie jogged my memory about Rhinebeck and remembered to go on Saturday!

I heard about it on the car radio last weekend and mentioned to Dennis that we should check it out. Although, I had no idea it was a big deal... a very big deal!

I know, I was banking on being a vegetable this weekend (A parsnip, specifically) but, how can I pass on infinite tents of wool and sheep? Rain or shine... not possible!

Where to start? First we hit up the food show, where we stuffed our faces full of dip, biscottis, jerky, cheese and yes... WINE! Almost bought a bottle. They had a dessert wine that tasted like chocolate and banana! :-9

Speaking of which, one of my favorite knitted things I saw there were the knitted wine glass cozies... or holders... or satchels... whatever you can call them-- I should have bought one! Then again, it would only enc…

Friday Blather

Disclaimer: Sorry, no photo for this entry. I promise oodles more in the next!

Another week gone by (albeit, 4 days) and so much to talk about.

Firstly, I would like to quasi apologize to Suri Dream. While you are a challenge to knit with, nickel-plated needles make you that much more manageable, as fellow Ravel-er HoneyBee33 pointed out. Yes, I posted a cry for help on the KnitPicks Lovers message board on Ravelry.... read the drama here.

Next, I accidentally broke one of my US10 Zephyr needles. It was dark. I was actually turning on the light, when I heard a SNAP! under my foot. *le sigh*

Third, I discovered the Electric Sheep podcast! ::does happy dance:: I've practically gone through all the KnitPick's podcasts and was searching high and low for another equally amazing podcast to entertain me while commuting to and from work... or while knitting... or lying on the beach... --- anyway. Electric Sheep, excellent podcast!

Finally, this weekend is the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Fe…

Suri Nightmare

It probably sounds like I have a gazillion projects going on right now... and you're probably right. I have Knitter ADD: I get new yarn, and just cast on something!

So when my latest yarn booty came in the mail, I grabbed a ball of Suri Dream and cast on to knit a Lattice Shawl. Finally! An easy little project I can knit while watching TV, right? So wrong!

I'm using US 11 circs to knit this puppy and because of the K2tog, it feels like I'm knitting knots! My fingers feel so sore . I'm sorry, but Suri Dream is a nightmare to knit with. Maybe it's referring to the finished object, because that's serioiusly the only thing keeping me going.

End rant.

K's Day Off

Well, I had a relatively productive day off. I was perusing the web for new knitting blogs to follow when I stumbled upon Yarn Harlot's new pattern, Pretty Thing. I huddled around my space heater and cast on with a ball of Palette in Iris Heather. Several hours later, I'm almost done!

Of course I took a break in between. Ran a few errands and bought a new and better pair of boots. The pair I bought at H&M a few weeks ago got so trashed. If there's one thing they don't do well, it's shoes. Their heels wear down so quickly to a metal stub, you can hear me clicking and clacking a mile away!

At the end of the day, I baked a batch of Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies. My apartment smelled so yum, I couldn't wait for Dennis to get home... but he had to work late and by then I heated up some Indian curry chickpeas for dinner, which overrode the smell of baking. Oh well, at least I got to enjoy it while it lasted. :-)

Instant Gratification


My first Knit Picks yarn order included of 5 skeins of Wool of the Andes Worsted in Grass. Until now, I had no idea what to knit with it. So this morning I woke up and decided I'd knit up a pair of bulky, cozy socks for Dennis. All was going well when right after I turned the heel, Dennis said he prefers a "fine" knit pair.

OK... At first, he couldn't grasp the concept of knitted socks. But after trying on the one I knit last week, he was sold. Who knew he'd become a sock snob? Pffft!

I have to agree, though, I do like the way real sock yarn looks compared to ones kit with worsted weight. These will just be ones we can throw on to keep our feetsies warm, I guess.


It's Monday! Why am I so excited? Because I have the whole day off! ::does happy dance::
I may swing by my office's messenger center to pick up my yarn shipment later. Blasphemy, I know. But the whole point of ordering yarn last Monday was so that I'd have somethig to knit th…

Holiday Yarn Shopping

My knitting projects have been all over the place lately. I was set on finishing Kernel Scarf but after weeks of eye-ing my unfinished Stroll sock, and then coincidentally finding Kelley Petkun's new sock tutorial I got distracted and started knitting up a sock... for real this time. And it's awesome! I'm hooked. Also, kudos to Cookie A's heel turn chart in her book, Sock Innovation.

Don't worry. I didn't forget about Kernel. I actually started a Kernel Scarf KAL on Ravelry to keep the motivation going. My one problem with knitting long rectangular scarves is that after repeating the pattern over and over again, chart dyslexia kicks in and I start making mistakes. This is where I think the dental floss life-line comes in... Either way, I'm half-way done. Woohoo!

I also just ordered more yarn from KnitPicks. (bad Kristin!) ;-)
My goal was to order yarn for my holiday kitting, but naturally I ended up getting side-tracked and ordered:
5 balls of Suri Dream in Bl…