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El Stasho

I took a trip to Target over the weekend and picked up these bad girls! 3 transparent Rubbermaid drawers in Green. My favorite color! I got the idea from Tina's Stash Organization post on KnitPicks. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but after seeing her nifty system, I decided it was time. It's not as organized as hers, but for now, I'm just glad yarn isn't rolling around the apartment like decorative tumble weeds anymore.

I was also inspired to do some serious stash dusting and busting. I chucked a whole garbage bag full of old UFOs and yarn I knew I'd never use now. (try Red Heart in Bikini)... ya. I don't think my little cousin Summer would wear a hat made from that yarn.So, now that my stash is down to a reasonable size, and under control, more knitting begins! I just finished knitting Dennis a basic hat made from DK Gloss in Winternight with strands of Palette Wallaby running through every 6 rows. I think I could have made it a little deeper, bu…


I Just finished knitting and blocking Summer's Baby blanket! Waiting impatiently for it to dry. In the meantime, I'm gonna get outside and run some errands. Psyched!


Apparently I lack the ability to focus. I woke up at 6am this morning to work on Summer's blanket, but got distracted by the other yarn that came in the mail yesterday. Knit Picks Palette in Garnet Heather is so pretty I couldn't help casting on Kernel!

I managed to knit up 4 inches... which should satisfy me enough to get back to the blanket. But it's 8:30 now and I have to get ready for work. Either way, I've got my work cut out for me. Her birthday is Sunday. Maybe if I work extra hard, I can finish both the blanket and the scarf to give to my Aunt! OK, wishful thinking. Focus. Blanket. Eyez on the prize. Eyez on the prize. ;-)

Dennis has the day off. Lucky!

Just an Update

All quiet on the knitting front this week. The extra yarn I ordered for Summer's blanket should be here by Friday, and I don't want to start any big projects before I finish it. The sock knitting is coming along. It's a slow process since it's my first real sock. I just have to get motivated.

I also ordered a few skeins of Palette in Garnet Heather and Iris Heather. Maybe knit a few scarves for my Grandma and Aunt.

In the meantime, I've just been perusing Ravelry for ideas... that and catching up on sleep.

Long day. I'm hungry. Off to get sushi with my duder. <3

Knitfitti in the Meat Packing District

I was hoping to finish Summer's blanket this morning, but turns out 4 skeins of Swish isn't gonna do it. So I'm putting in another KnitPicks order. Probably just one more skein of Lava heather and Carnation... since they're all out of Camel heather until November!!! Thankfully i'll be big enough.During the week, I took a break from the blanket and cast on my first sock! My tension / gauge is a little off, since I'm not really used to knitting on US 1 dpns (I really need to learn the magic loop method... I was just psyched to get it started).Yesterday Dennis and I meandered around the Meat Packing district looking for potential wedding locations. We hit up the Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers, but decided the place was too big and the view of Long Island City was kind of "meh"... We also walked along the new Highline and checked out The Standard Hotel for their events stuff, and what do ya know... they actually had knitted cozies for the posts around the en…

Chincoteague Island

Another busy week, but I'm getting a lot of knitting in! Here's what's going on:

First, Dennis and I spent Labor Day Weekend on Chicoteague Island... kind of a spontaneous trip. We figured it was the last of the warm weather and the only long weekend this Summer that I wasn't on-call for work. We had so much fun, and it's really pretty out there. Lots of birds like snowy egrets and pelicans. Also saw some deer while riding the bike trail. Funny, they weren't that afraid of humans. They just kind of stood there staring at us with their ears perked. After I took enough photos to burn the visual onto my brain, we decided to move on. Probably the best part about Chincoteague are the wild ponies that just roam aroud freely. They have more control over where they roam around the part of the island we stayed on... but in other areas apparetly they just go onto the beach and roads! Crazy.

Anyway, it was about a 5 hour drive in both directions (needless to say I got a l…


This was my Cape Cod travel project: a deviated version of the Swallowtail shawl. Since, friends were hitching a ride with us, I decided to pick something that didn't require my full attention and since I already have the budding lace pattern memorized, I went with it throughout the entire thing! For the edging, I just did a simple k1 row on the WS, RS: yo, ssk, repeat, WS: knit, and BO.

I blocked it this mornig and I'm so wearing it to work today! Normally, I'm not a pink person, but I love the different subtle magenta/red/pink tones of Plymouth's Happy Feet, which ironically I bought two Cape Cod trips ago! (maybe I'll just nickname it my Cranberry Bog Shawl) It's intended for sock knitting, but it actually knits out to feel like a pashmina. Plus, the color is too pretty to wear on my feet.

I should also mention, ever since I knitted Vernal Equinox, I've totally converted to chart knitting! It all makes sense! woohoo!

In other news: My cousin Summer's fi…