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Homemade Curry Split Pea Soup

Another weekend come and gone. Spent most of the day knitting while Dennis studied. Not really sure what I'm knitting. I just grabbed some pretty-colored yarn I've been wanting to use and just started knitting lace. Maybe I'll turn it into a tote bag, or just a scarf... maybe even a shrug! In the meantime I was catching up on some KnitPicks podcasts!

For lunch I made Spicy Curry Split Pea Soup! I added the curry only because on the news this morning. They mentioned people who consume curry about twice a week are less likely to get Alzheimers... so now I'm all about the curry! hehe Turned out quite yummy!

After lunch Dennis and I drove to Long Island City. I really like what the did with the waterfront area! It's a place you can just go to sit and enjoy the view, and I love the way they designed it. I definitely intend on going back one weekend and plopping my butt down on a grassy knoll with a bag full o' knitting!

That being said, time for bed. Such a lazy weeke…


Inspiration strikes! After much tossing and turning last night, I decided to lull myself to sleep with thoughts of potential knitting projects. Then it dawned on me: My cousin's husband's birthday is coming up!

[There's an inside joke between him and Dennis where they just shout "Bulldog!" at each other and laugh... to this day I still don't know what the farfanoogan it means, but I recalled saying that I'd knit him a hat with the word "Bulldog" on it!]

And so, at 8:30am, I cast on 75 sts onto 16" US 8 circulars and at approximately 5:30pm, ended up with this!

I honestly wish I had better yarn. I could kick myself for using Red Heart, but they were the only "manly" colors available in my stash... and my LYS didn't open until noon. I'd say it turned out alright. I intended to make it slightly bigger, but hopefully this will suffice. He's a BIG guy.

Aside from the fair isle portion, it was a pretty dull knit. I admit, basi…

What to Knit? What to Knit?

Finally! The week is over! Had to work extra late a few nights this week. I admit the stress has left deficient of vitamin B and slightly tormented about what to knit next. True, I have a few projects hanging... but I need to focus on something totally different for a bit.

I want to knit a quick project, but then again, I just discovered how much I like knitting with US 7 needles. They just have this neat, meticulous and solid feel. I started knitting some things with the new cotton yarn I bought last week, but those have proved to be too lengthy, and not confident enough to know exactly what I'm knitting is going to turn out accurate.

Arrrgh! I need a new project! It'll come to me. Because Dennis is studying, I have all this free time and instead I'm knitting, I'm fretting over what to knit!

OK, must change TV channel. Somehow I ended up watching "Dusk til Dawn" on TNT... I remember renting this years ago. It started out well and just turned into a silly vampir…

Daddy Day 09!

Happy Father's Day! Went to a BBQ at my cousin Karin and her husband Rob's house and had fun playing with their daughter, Summer! So cute! Just think of all the sweaters and dresses I'll get to knit her! Eeee!!!

I feel a little blegh right now. I may have had a little too much vino and a nice medley of BBQ meats! I'm gonna feel it tomorrow, I'm sure!

The rest of this weekend has been relatively uneventful. I dislike intervals between knitting projects because I always have a hard time deciding what to knit knext! <--- (funny typo! ) I took a trip to my LYS and of course bought more yarn and more knitting needles! Meanwhile I have a nice tangled mess of unused yarn sitting right here next to me in a bin!

So, after much delegation, I'm knitting another lacey shrug. I really do like lace knitting, come to think of it. I actually can't remember the last time I knit cables! I'll save those for winter. ;-)

Another weekend gone by. Another week of video editin…

Wooley Thames: FO!

I finally found time this morning to take photos of my finished shrug that I lovingly call, "Wooley Thames!" I want to take some better shots of it, but for for now these will do.
I'm glad it turned out as well as it did, since I completely improvised it. The back could have been a little longer but the remaining skeinage wouldn't allow. I still love it! It's cozy and will definitely come in handy when temperatures drop below zero in my office this summer! It's criminal how they crank the A/C sometimes!

Check it out on Ravelry!

Behold! My Knitting Booty!

Dennis went up to Poughkeepsie to visit his parents yesterday and had the whole day to myself. I worked on the second arm of my shrug. At first, I kept screwing up the stitches but, I guess when you keep doing the same pattern over and over, it can get a little skewed in your mind. But all is good now!

Also took a walk to my LYS to replace my US 6 needles that were taken away from me at Heathrow Airport! I had to resist the temptation to buy anymore yarn. B.E. Yarns is not that cheap and their selection is just OK. If I want to stock up on cotton yarn I'm probably better off just ordering online.

That being said, off to watching the Food Network and s'more knittin'! ;-)

Purls of Wisdom

A shameless cliche for a post title!

So I had my wisdom tooth pulled today. Amazingly, it all went down without a hitch! Just a local anesthetic and a few tugs, the dentist had it out of my mouth under a minute!
I probably could have gone back to work if I really needed to, but aside from my mouth being swollen and loopy on painkillers, I needed the day to regroup. It's been a crazy busy past few weeks from me, and sort of needed a vacation from vacation after walking all over London.

Needless to say I spent the entire day knitting and eating split pea soup!

London Shrug

Back from London!

My fiancee and I took a quick three-day trip there last weekend. We walked EVERYWHERE! My feet are still recuperating, but it was well-worth it. In three days we went to the Tate Modern, British Museum, Imperial War Museum, National Gallery, London Bridge... I know I'm leaving something out. The food was also very good. The first day we went to this great little pub near the War Museum, and I'm completely blanking on the name. It'll come to me later.

Of course no trip to London would be complete without a visit to Liberty! I purchased three skeins of Roway Tapestry. I couldn't go crazy, as the British pound isn't too kind on my American buckaroos.
Dennis got a very blurry candid shot of me raiding their shelves. He was incredibly patient as I starred for what seemed like an eternity trying to figure out which yarn I wanted. Such a trooper.

But now, I'm up early this fine Sunday morning knitting a shrug, since it's the first thing I thought of …