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Pretty Please Halter With A Bow On Top?!?

So I started my mom's birthday present over, this time using smaller needles and different yarn, and it came out oodles better! So happy I bit the bullet and did it.

I actually did get a lot of knitting done on the trip to Cape Cod. During the 4 hour car drive there I think I had 25% of it done, and another 25% while we were driving from beach to beach! I probably could have gotten more done on the drive home, but it was too dark. My boyfriend by now probably thinks I'm a nutz-o obsessed knitter!

Either way, I'm hoping my mom really likes it! I'm tempted to make myself one.

So now what to do with all this blue yarn? The possibilities are endless!

Mermaid Tail Band

It's 7am. I want to go back to sleep. This is actually the first time in a long time that I ever said that. And of course, the one time that I do feel like sleeping after I wake up, I can't.
My boyfriend and I are driving out to Cape Cod again on a whim, so if we leave now, we'll get there by at least noon. Maybe then I can just crash and sleep on the beach! :-P
My mom's birthday is coming up next weekend, so I decided to knit her a tank top. It's actually a perfect idea because a. I'm broke, and b. I don't know what else to get her! And c. I like making giving people hand made things. S o picking up knitting again couldn't have come at a better time!
It's 50% done. The pattern called for US 10, but I wish I used smaller needles. It's a little bulky, and big, but I think it'll turn out OK. I started another on smaller needles with different yarn so I'll see which one turns out better.

I was also trying to get the fishtail lace pattern down…

Girly Long Arms Sweater!

I can't believe it! I actually finished knitting an entire sweater!!!! I'm so psyched! 
My only gripe about it is that the arms came out a little too long and big on top but honestly, I love long arm sweaters because when it gets cold out, I always end up pulling the sleeves over my hands.  I used the pattern for Kiki's Cotton Sweater only making slight adjustments to the length and arms... and used US 10 circular needles with Red Heart TLC Essentials in "Surf & Turf"... 
but all in all, I'm happy I was able to follow through and finish it. 
In other news... 
I've been truly unproductive today. Job hunting is going nowhere. I had an interview last week for a freelance job with a television news network. It went really well, and sounded like they're going to give me a ring back. :-D Just have to sit tight and keep my fingers crossed. 
It rained most of the morning so I just took the opportunity to finish my sweater. Now it's almost 6pm, and I hear the…


I figured it out! All done with the back portion of the Lana Grossa Kidair wrap around!  It took me a few more tries, but all in all, this part only took me one and a half days (a few hours each day) to complete. Now onto the other parts. 
I think I'm going to have to get more yarn for this one. But my local yarn store is on hiatus and only open on Saturdays. Arrrgh. But luckily tomorrow is Saturday! Maybe I can hit it up before heading out to my boyfriend's boss' BBQ.