Episode 163: Bringing Footsie Back


  • Favorite Socks, by Voolenvine
    Voolenvine Yarns: Wolke - "Faerie Hair"
  • Lumpy Space Shawl, by Stephen West
    - Fondant Fibre Fuzzling Handspun
    - Bijou Basin Ranch: Himalayan Trail - "Skye"
    - Fiddle Knits Fibers: Aria Bronze- "Experiment at Dusk"
    - Brooklyn Tweed: Loft - "Fossil"
  • Verdure Shawl, by Fluffy Fibers
    - Voolenvine Yarns: Blitzed - "Succulents"
  • Featherweight Cardigan, by Hannah Fettig
    - Voolenvine Yarns: Halo Alpaca - "Gashlycrumb"
    - Alternating Skeins YouTube Tutorial
    - Edward Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies
Countdown to Winter Featherweight KAL!
Start Date: 9/23/2015 (First day of Autumn)
End Date: 12/22/2015 (First day of Winter)
Concept: Knit a Featherweight cardigan! Post your FOs in the "Featherweight KAL (no chatter)" thread. On 12/22 I will close the thread and choose a giveaway-winner. 

Made with Carlenergy
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