Episode 132: Thwack!

I'm back this week with tales from Vogue Knitting Live!


On Sunday, January 25th, I will be joining a panel for the Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild, featuring Maria (Subway Knits Podcast), Marsha (One Geek to Craft Them All), and Sarah (Knit York City)! We'll be answering questions and discussing Yarn Crafting and Blogging. I hope you can make it. I'll have some of my yarn for sale, too!

Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild
Panel On Yarn Crafting and Blogging

Sunday, January 25th, 1:30pm-4:00pm EST
Brooklyn Public Library
10 Grand Army Plaza


Podcaster Meet-Up!

Marsha (One Geek to Craft Them All)
Maria (Subway Knits)

Maria (Subway Knits) & Jill Draper
A Crocheted Taj Mahal!

BIG thanks again to Marsha from One Geek to Craft Them All and Susie from Chiagu for hosting a podcaster meet-up for me and Maria (Subway Knits Podcast). And another BIG thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hello — it was so great meeting you!

- I caught up with Loop's Steph Gorin and Jill Draper — I even had a Franklin Habit sighting!

Pattern: Whispering Pines Shawl by Molly Klatt
Yarn: Voolenvine Yarns / Wolke, "Jilted Rose"


  • Whispering Pines Shawl by Molly Klatt / Voolenvine Yarns - Wolke, "Jilted Rose"
  • Endurance Sharf by FO & Dye (Test Knit for Elly) / Voolenvine Yarns - Blitzed, "Poe"
  • Favorite Socks / Sleep Season - "Gauge"
  • After-Thought Heel Socks / Regia Self-striping - "Lake"
Spindle: The Spanish Peacock
Fiber; Loop Bullseye Bump, "Violets"

  • The D-SPAKAL is still going strong! LOVING everyone's entries! I'm making slow but steady progress with my Loop Bullseye Bump in "Violets" ... just entering the first color-change.  
Loop Bulllseye Bump
"Natural Spring"
TREAT YOUR SELF (Formerly Stash Enhancements)
 It's my birthday month and feeling shamelessly enabled, apparently.

  • Wollmeisse - "Ein Klein Wenig Verrucht" — I FINALL caught an Wollmeisse update over at the Loopy Ewe website. The colorway in person (a deep, rich, blue-violet) was not as depicted as it was on the site (a dark dusty lavender), but I was still pleasantly surprised and love it!
  • Gynx Yarns - Glitz Sock, "Ultimecia" — Again, I know nothing of video game characters, but I just knew I had to have this colorway when Laura showed it off on her podcast, The Dyer's Notebook.
  • Loop - Bullseye Batt, "Natural Spring"I made a Beeline to Steph's boot after the podcaster meet-up. I was hoping to nab something out of my purple comfort zone and with more frequent color changes ... and proceeded to purchase this gorgeous bit o' business.

  • One Geek to Craft Them All - Loki Earrings — LOVE LOVE LOVE'em!
In other random news, I spied a box of crafty DIY books out on my street corner (this is a common thing in Brooklyn — Another person's trash may be another person's treasure. Leave it on the curb!)  

Because I'll be gearing up for this weekend's Brooklyn Fiber Arts Guild Panel, there will be no shop update this week.

The next shop update will be Monday, January 26th, 2015 | 2pm EST 

I also show off some of my new Valentine's Day colorways including "Pookie Pie", "Mexican Hot Chocolate", and "Lady Godiva".


Me and Dennis are still in the process of selling and buying a new home. BUT we're so close! I should have some good news from the western front, next week ;)

As if multiple open houses weren't enough to slow me down, I experienced a few more hiccups — or as I like to call it ... "COG IN WHEEL!"

  1. My electric spin-dryer (which speeds up the drying process for wet yarn significantly) decided to stop working. Thankfully, Dharma Trading has awesome customer service and sent me a new one the very next day! And here's what they suggested I do with the defunct one:

  2.  Usually when I have a lot of packages to ship at once, I schedule the post office pick-up. TWO DAYS in a row, they never showed up. Not cool. So filed a complaint via email. I wasn't expecting a reply, but amazingly, they called me back THAT night to apologize. 
So, despite a few setbacks last week, customer service is getting thumbs up from me.

Happy Knitting!