Thursday, January 8, 2015

Episode 130 — "Unhappy Hipsters"

  • My apartment is getting more and more empty by the week! I joke that I should probably submit a few photos to

  • Sunday, January 25th, 2015 I will be joining a panel on Yarn Crafting and Blogging, hosted by the Brooklyn Knit & Crochet Guild! It'll be held at the Brooklyn Public Library from 1:30pm—4pm. You'll also be able to purchase Voolenvine Yarns! Click here for more info 

A Pic of Our Apartment from the Real Estate Listing
(... if only it always looked that uncluttered.)
Improvised Slouch Hat
Malabrigo Rasta - "Lotus"

  • Due to dropping temperatures, I was finally inspired to cast on a super chunky hat. I improvised a basic slouch using the Malabrigo Rasta yarn (Lotus colorway), which I purchased at the last Rhinebeck.
  • We have a HO! Not surprisingly, I cast off 1/2 of another vanilla sock using Sleep Season's Gauge colorway.  

Dots Shawl by Casapinka
Yarn: Voolenvine Yarns - Nouveau "Poe" / Blitzed "Faerie Hair"

  • I'm still test-knitting the Endurance Shawl for Elly of FO & Dye, using Voolenvine Yarns, Blitzed in "Poe"
  • I cast on a Dots Shawl by Casapinka using Voolenvine Yarns - Blitzed in "Faerie Hair" / Nouveau in "Poe". 

  • The D-SPAKAL is off to a great start! I'm about 1.5 oz into my Loop Bullseye Batt using my Spanish Peacock drop spindle.
  • Showing some love to my Aaron Makes Stuff drop spindle and Gourmet Stash Luxury Tribbles in "Hedwig"