Episode 102: Knitcation 2014

This week I chat about my first Knitcation of 2014. (Knitcations ... yes, this is a thing.) While Dennis went snowboarding in Tahoe, I took two days off to get my knit, spin, and dye on.

Some good news! YarnGasm is back on iTunes!!! Same RSS feed and all - the only downside is that previous episdoes (below 101 are not available ... YET.) Click here to read more on Ravelry.

Off the needles, I have one finished sock using Gynx Glitz Self Striping in "Fat Tuesday".

Also, Me and Elly of Elly's Knit (in') Sanity podcast are hosting a "Any Man's Jumper KAL", which will run between 3/22 and 5/3.