Episode 97: Good Times

It’s FREEZING out! Harpswell pullover, Cladonia shawl, Pasha Hat, Malabrigo Mittens, and random vanilla socks in wellies have been getting Lots of Use!

Ravellenic Games are coming up!

Join Team YarnGasm or Team Sasquatch. No rules for my team, but your project should probably involve:
  • Learning a new technique
  • A challenge
  • Something you can probably finish between Feb 7-23 (duration of the Olympic games)

Off The Needles

On the Needles:

  • Vivid Squares / Pattern by Tin Can Knits / Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in “Velveteen”, “Hawk”, and “Robot”.
    • 7 “ squares - 13-14 for an 8x8 afghan. 163 left to go! 
  • Hand-Dyed Vanila Sock
  • Measure in Love Hat / Pattern by Megan Williams / Yarn: KP City Tweed DK in Blue Blood


Loop / Lendrum — Making lots of progress

Adventures in Hand Dyeing:

2 Skeins - Judy Is a Punk & The Angels Have the TARDIS

Because You Asked

  • Knitxxnat asks: I’d love to hear about how you knit socks - do you have any tips or tricks that help you, what yarns do you normally use (weight and type of yarn), is there a knitting technique (even style of knitting like continental etc.) that knits them faster? etc.I’d love to be able to knit socks properly and have a lovely pile of hand knits, rather than the frogged or half finished socks I have lying around!

PackyKnits1 asked if I could put out a pattern for the Vanilla socks I knit. The answer is YES! I will have a free pattern available for you to download on Ravelry soon! 


• I will be attending Vogue Knitting Live NYC / Sat. January 18th — Marketplace