Episode 99: Attacked by Fiber Fumes

Show notes will be posted soon, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I will no longer be posting shows to Blip.Tv, because they are no longer going to be distributing podcasts to iTunes. I'm still looking for an alternative (that alternative may be PodcastGarden.com, but we'll see) so in the meantime, you can always tune-in via my blog, and my YouTube channel. Please check the YarnGasm Ravelry Group for show updates.


Blip.tv strikes again! Once again I find myself scrambling to find a new host that will syndicate to iTunes. Thank you to those who suggested PodcastGarden.com. It's a possible contender — just need to workout file export logistics and if all goes well ... ::fingers crossed::

This past weekend I attended Vogue Knitting LIVE 2014! (I skipped last year because I was disappointed with 2012 but had a much better experience this year, so I'm not complaining). I met up with the lovely Kim, Maria, Sarah and Dana for brunch before heading off to the market place. 

I made out like a bandit at the KnittyCity booth and purchased THREE skeins of Cephalopod Yarns, Skinny Bugga!, in their Nebraska ConeheadBlue Lobster, and Vampire Squid Colorways. I will be using the last two for my Ravellenic Games project — the Tempest Cardigan by Ann Weaver (Who I saw at VKL! I took that as a sign that I really must cast this thing on.)
I also hit up the Long Island Livestock Company booth and purchased a tube of their lanolin lippy balm, and three bumps of spinning fiber. 

Ravellenic Games 

If you are still confused about the rules for the Ravellenic Games here's a bit of clarification.

Team YarnGasm: To join, all you need to do is introduce yourself in the Team YarnGasm Ravelry thread. There you can post your progress, comment, and cheer on and be cheered on by other team members. No real rules. Just pick a project you want to knit and knit away. The idea is to cast on and complete said project between 2/7 and 2/23. 

Team Sasquatch: You like ALL the podcasts and can't choose just one. This team however is following the Yarn Harlot's original "Knitting Olympics" rules. While Team YarnGasm 

YarnGasm 100th Episode Giveaway Update

* Gourmet Stash Fibery Tribbles: Click here to enter
* Cooperative Press Digital Download: Click here to enter
* Pinneguri Digital Pattern Download:  - Click here to enter

Check the YarnGasm Ravelry thread for additional giveaways! 
Rustling Leaves Hat

On the Needles

Rustling Leaves Hat: Cephalopod Yarns / Skinny Bugga! / Nebraska Conehead
I'm knitting this for my Grandmother's 80th Birthday. I may not be able to show it on the next podcast, but I will definitely take pictures! Love this pattern — am definitely going to knit another for myself. 

Hand-dyed vanilla socks / Judy is a Punk

Vivid: I'm 10 squares in! Realized 2 skeins will give me 9 squares! (Also reaffirming that I still stink at math.) 

Measure in Love Hat: KP City Tweed DK / Blue Blood


Loop Spontaneous Spinning Clouds ... making progress! 


My Vanilla Sock Pattern will be released in conjunction with the 100th episode. Stay tuned!