Episode 72: "Party Up Front, Business In Back"

Happy spring, every body! I couldn't be more psyched to see this cold weather go ... although that pretty much means putting the hand-knit sweaters, hats, mittens, scarves, etc. away.  Never the less, the knitting continues!

Apologies again for being a no-show last week. It's slightly hectic times in my life at the moment. But I'm back this week to catch you up on what's happening on my needles.

On the Needles:
Flannery Socks

Sadly, I've fallen out of love knitting both:

Cambridge Cardigan — Knit Picks Wool Of the Andes Worsted "Cobblestone Heather"
Saroyan Shawl — Malabrigo Twisted "Stone Chat"


Hanks In the Hood self striping center pull "Happy" 100% Merino Wool 4.1oz
Finished spinning and plying on 4/7/13 - fingering / DK 70g

WooLee Winder: Still getting used to using it. Using it to spin natural BFL roving for "Dyer's Notebook" Dye-Along. Still have to choose a hi-res photo to submit to the DAL thread.
Still waiting for my Trindle to come in the mail. It may or may not have gotten lost along the way. I contacted the shop owner and if it doesn't come by this weekend, they said they'll kindly send me another.


Eastwitching Whimsical Watercolour
Animals by Alison Fennell - Set of 2 Prints
 WINNER: #41 - ChainOfFools
Gourmet Stash Bon Bons, Mini Bats "Fibery Tribbles"
WINNER: #16 - Gidgettm

Congrats to you both and BIG thanks to Alison and Kate! :D