More Floss and Fiber

Knitting, spinning, my short-lived embroidery stint, stitch marker-making ...  how long is my craft resume going to get?

Today, it just got a little longer, my friends.

Cross stitch.

I know. I know. "ANOTHER CRAFT ENDEAVOR?!" You yelp.

Please, allow me to explain.

Our home.
We've been living in it for a little over a year now.
It feels like a home, but it is in desperate need of wall art.
While investing in pretentious, high-end art is a very loose pipe dream of mine, I've got better things to spend my hard-earned cash on (ahem - yarn, roving, pretty dresses, Etsy, supporting fellow crafters!)

Also, if there is but one more bit of decor in our home that screams, "IKEA" I am going to scream!

So, what better solution than to take matters into my own hands and turn to cross stitch?!

I was actually inspired by Carin from 'Round the Twist vidcast. She has a new segment called Pokey Things, in which she discusses her cross stitchery. I thought, "That's a cool craft, I'd like to try that someday, but I think I'm good with knitting and spinning for now."

You'd think I was in control of my creative whims and exploits, but in passing by the bathroom door the other day (like I do) I thought it looked a little blank.

You can probably guess what happened. I thought, "How cool would a framed cross-stitched-something look hanging on that door?!"

So, today I splurged on some cross stitch materials and have been browsing the Etsy for some potential cross stitch patterns.

Stay tuned for more progress on that!

In other news ...

I received my fiber from Greenwood Fiberworks!!! That lovely bit o' business up there is in her "Emily" colorway.

Yes, let the fiber addiction floodgates open! I have a fiber addiction! I admit it!


Not only is her fiber gorgeous, the packaging is too! I love it when sellers put a little "extra" something into their packaging. It just makes it that much more special. Just saying. ;)