Dream Blog

Hanks In the Hood, "Happy"

It's rare that I find the time or motivation to write full blog posts anymore, and that really gets to me.

True, weekly "YarnGasm" episode updates should suffice, but that's not all I want my knitting blog to be about.

My dream blog would not only house my vidcast, but it would also be a time capsule for the following:

  • Photos of my knitting
  • Random musings
  • A platform to gush about the things I enjoy and get excited about
  • The occasional tutorial
  • Updates about new things I'm learning and the progress I'm making
  • MORE photos! (But I guess that's what Instagram is for?)
  • LIFE!

Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn't. But for the most part, I feel those posts are rushed — even show notes. I feel like they're rather slapdash because, literally, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

But who says I need hours?

I'm not one to make resolutions, but my goal for this blog going forward is to take at least 15 minutes out of my day to update it.

Whether it be an essay, a quote, a photo, or a mere drivel of what I'm knitting on ...  I want it to be something that can make this blog more meaningful and personal to me than just a, "hey, check out my latest episode!" Know what I mean?

So, that's my goal for Voolenvine.com. 15 minutes a day. I started this blog 5 years ago! I think I owe it that much. :)