Sugar and Plumm and Everything Nice

Dennis' Cambrige Cardigan in Progress

Every year I swear I'm not going to fall down the holiday knitting rabbit hole. But then somewhere around mid-November, my selfish knitting heart grows three sizes bigger and suddenly I want to KNIT ALL THE THINGS for ALL THE PEOPLE. *sigh*

Up until now, it was only Dennis I was knitting for, but a non-kitting friend recently commented on how much she's been enjoying the photos of knitting I've been posting on Facebook. She was one of my bridesmaids and just got married, herself. Of course I automatically offered to knit something for her and of course she excitedly took me up on the offer. The good news is, she's not very demanding. "A scarf (I'm assuming rectangular) in neutral colors would be great ... I can live with that. *phew!*

Still, even if she had requested something a little more time consuming I would have said "yes" - just because she's that kind of friend.

I have a few more projects in mind, which I won't divulge at the moment -


In other news, it's been one giant bake-fest at my office. As I probably mentioned I'm a video editor by day ... so we haven't been holding back on the festive baking content.  I've been helping out on the video shoots and this morning we met up with Pichet Ong (one of the judges on Food Network's "Sugar Dome") at his upper west side restaurant, Sugar and Plumm. I took some photos, so feast your eyes:

Macarons ... My FAVORITE!

More good stuff.

Pichet Ong demonstrating how to make Pumpkin Pie in a jar.

BIG cookies happening here.

Um... those came out WAY bigger than expected.

Cast and crew agree on one word: Diabetes.

This, my friends, is a vanilla milkshake, topped w/ whipped cream, waffles, bacon and maple syrup.