Labor Day Weekend

Fa Fa Fa, Sock WIP
As you would have guessed it, Dennis and I hit the Cape for Labor Day weekend. Sadly, this will probably be our last trip of the summer, but who says we're not going out with a bang?

By day two, we are already stuffed to the gills on lobster, ice cream and pie! (There will be more.) Also, since I previously deemed this the "Summer of Socks," I thought it appropriate to cast on another pair. This time, a free pattern called "Fa Fa Fa" by Lois Leong. The yarn is (of course) Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks that Rock Lightweight in Every Day Gray.

The cabling took a bit to get the gist of ... While I'm usually able to knit without a one, for this I do need a cable needle (or in my case a darning needle). But overall a very easy and enjoyable pattern.

I also managed to knit a couple more rows on "Evenstar," last night. Two more rows to go, and it's on to chart three! Wheeeee!

Low Tide, Red River Beach