Episode 53: In Which My Yarn Speaks To Me

Apologies for the delay ... it's been a crazy wedding weekend.
On The Needles: 
  • Pomme de Pin: Still working on the right front while watching Weeds, season seven.
  • Evenstar : Took a little hiatus this week. Chart 3 was getting to me.
  • Fa Fa Fa Socks 
  • Vanilla Socks: Three Irish Girls, Adorn Sock Yarn in their Mirian colorway. Was really surprised to find out it was self-striping!
  • Celes Shawl by Jared Flood: Halcyon Victorian Sport. Startitus strikes again! 
  • Henslowe Shawl by Beth Kling / Cakewalk Yarns, Stash Fingering in "Rhinebeck"'
Rhinebeck meet-up - Saturday October 20th, 1pm. Say hello! Buttons!

 Last week I hit up "Wool Uncovered" in Bryant Park. This was part of Prince Charles' Campaign For Wool, where sheep were allowed to graze and fertilize the park's lawn. Check out some photos below:

Pearl From Knitty City Giving Knitting Lessons
The Fountain of Wool