Ravellenic Games: The Yarn Has Spoken

In my blog last post / episode of YarnGasm, I was still deciding what to cast on for the Ravellenic Games. It was a toss-up between some rather challenging patterns or some laid-back "stash-grooming" patterns. After much deliberating and cuddling with various skeins of yarn on my sofa ... The yarn has finally spoken.

This actually happened while diving into my bottomless WIPs Bin for some nail polish. (Please don't ask how my WIPs Bin became a refuge for rogue bottles of nail polish ... I'm still trying to figure that one out.) In doing so, I pulled out the long forsaken Evenstar Shawl I cast on back in January!
As I held it in my hands I considered frogging the thing, but then looking at it more closely, at all the intricate knitting I had already accomplished I thought it would be a real shame to just let this one go quietly into the night.

I pulled up the pattern (by Susan Pandorf) and to my surprise, I remember exactly where I left off. I decided to knit on it a little, and a little turned into about two hours! — And so, it became clear what I need to do for the Ravellenic games ... FINISH Evenstar!