Deep Unrelenting Shades of Gray

Over the weekend, I made a valiant effort to get my Hanging Garden Stole (Part Deux) started and put a major dent in my poor, neglected Pomme de Pin Cardigan.

I think I spent two hours Saturday morning, plowing through half of the first chart repeat. The chart is so tall, it literally feels like your brain is climbing a ladder, but it feels so great and rewarding once you reach the top. – Talk about a mental workout! :)

As for my Pomme de Pin Cardigan, I've been sticking to my theory of working on neglected UFOs for at least fifteen minutes a day. Well, it really did turn into a wee bit more than fifteen minutes. I'm almost done shaping the back, then it's onto the left and right front (small bits of knitting attached to the back). Sleeves-ville, here I come!

In other news:
Unfortunately, I missed out on another No Sheep 'Til Brooklyn gathering – @DaisyDeadPetal's knitting group in Greenpoint. I have a very sad track record of attending only ONE. I was all psyched and ready to go yesterday, until after me and the mister returned from a notoriously hot and humid bike ride — let's just say I suffered some kind of Victorian Era-esque fatigue. *sigh*

I also broke down and ordered more Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock, Lightweight. Apparently, I have no problem enabling myself. – What with all this progress I've made over the past few weeks, surely that calls for more yarn! Uy.

Here's the colorway rundown:
  • Blecker
  • The Green that Sings
  • Everyday Gray
  • Crabby McCrabbypants 
I don't have a clue about what I'm going to knit with these, but I have a few ideas (apparently eleven Ravelry queue pages worth!).

Okey dokes. It's Monday. Awesome.