Christmas in July!

How about a little bit of yarn porn to start your day?

My Blue Moon Fiber Arts shipment came just in time for the weekend! I ordered four skeins of Socks That Rock Lightweight in (top to bottom) Everyday Gray, The Green That Sings, and Blecker. — Technically, this color combo would make a very nice second Color Affection Shawl ... but I think I'll hold off on another garter stitch fest. I was thinking maybe a Catkin!

Also, when I spotted Blecker on the BMFA website it to me it didn't look purple. I actually thought it was a this kind of mauve-gray-brown — like a mystery color! Though, my heart sank a little when I opened the package and realized it was in fact purple.  (I'm on a purple yarn diet. Way too much of it in my stash.) Regardless, it's still a gorgeous color that's more purple-gray-brown.

Finally, just for fun, I went out of my comfort zone again with Crabby McCrabbypants. I'm not sure this photo does the colors justice because they're really bold and vibrant. This is going to make an awesome pair of socks! — Like I need another pair.

As if I hadn't done enough damage. I got an email from Knit Picks announcing their new line of knitting needles. Of course, I clicked on the link to see what all the hullabaloo was about and some how found myself browsing their clearance section.
Turns out they're having a 30% off sale on Namaste bags! So I treated myself to a peacock Monroe.  Dennis had bought me a Zuma (the one that looks like a bowling ball bag) a few years ago which I don't really use and feel horrible about it. Overall, it's a great bag. It looks cool and has that neat accordion zipper pouch in the front ... but I don't enjoy the flat wide bottom. It just feels awkward hanging on my shoulder.

Anywho, Merry Christmas in July! ;)