Wild Things

My Color Affection is FIN! I have to say, this was one of the greatest relationships I ever had with a knitting project. Despite the endless miles of stockinette, I loved knitting every stitch of it! Yes, I would love to knit another-- And I will! But for sanity's sake, I'm holding off. If you can imagine, I'm craving something a bit more intricate and involved.

But allow me to wax poetic for a moment. It's not until I completed Color Affection that I realized how GENIUS the pattern is. Not to mention, you can't get over how genius it is while knitting it, but once you actually finish, block, and WEAR it... it all comes together. This is how ALL wrap shawls should be made. You wrap it. It stays. You look marvelous. 'Nuff said!
So that's my ode to Color Affection. If Ms. Välimäki is reading this, thank you for creating such a wonderfully satisfying pattern.

And now, without further ado, I give you a few snaps from the Bronx Zoo! (t'hehe, that rhymed)
I haven't been since I was five years old-- neither had Dennis.
Owls. Two very sleepy owls.

So this is what a grizzly 'chillaxing' looks like.
Me vs. Tiger. Sure, I could take him!