Old Flame

Brooklet has to be one of the most instantly gratifying patterns I've ever knit. It's nearly done and I just love how it's turning out.  I probably would have been done sooner had I not encountered the inevitable tink-backs.

It's moments like these when I ask myself, am I a process knitter? Or a product knitter?  To be honest, I still can't answer that question. Maybe I'm a little bit of both. The only conclusion I can come to is that I'm an ADD knitter, and perhaps even a serial knitter.

It's true. After falling in love with a pattern, at some point my eye begins to wander. Sounds like a bad case of startitus, but it's hard to chalk it up to a mere fiber disease when each project I pursue feels like a relationship. Some are romantic. Some mere infatuations. Some are summer flings... like socks. (We all know how easy socks can be).

Lately, I've gotten better at finishing what I start, but when I fall for another pattern I can't WAIT to finish the one I'm currently on. Which is why I'm happy Brooklet was such a quick knit. You see, I'm about to revisit an old flame: the Hanging Garden Stole, by Sivia Harding. It's been a whole year since I cast it off my needles -- right about this time, too! I was smitten, totally in love with the finished product. And then, a few weeks later, my grandmother got chilly at a barbecue and I offered her my Hanging Garden stole. The woman liked it so much, I just gave it to her!

I don't regret giving it to her. She loves it, and still tells me how much she loves it and wears it. But I won't deny that I miss the thing like crazy! (call me crazy) So, I "groomed" my stash and found this:
Madelinetosh Prairie, French Gray
Let the love affair begin!

In other news: I finally got around to purchasing a skein of Roman Hills. If you recall, I interviewed Lisa on my other blog, KnitNook.net (on a wee hiatus at the moment). It's a skein of fingering weight from her Downton Abbey collection, in the Dowager Countess colorway-- it's all shades of purple and silver sparkles to boot! I would like to refrain, but I cannot wait to cast this beauty on. Also, check out their interview with KYC!