Such a Tease!

Looky what came in the post today! Yes siree, Bob-- those are green Signatures -- US 6 circulars to be exact.  (Which happens to be my favorite color and needle size at the moment!) The yarn for my future Pomme de pin cardigan has not yet arrived, so these are a total tease! I'm desperate to cast on something small so I can give them a whirl. 

In other news, I've completed one and half Hermione's Every Day socks. Again, I'm using Blue Moon Fiber Arts STR Lightweight in the Mad Hatter colorway. Loving these! Not to mention, Bella has been a wonderful yarn cake holder for the duration. She's officially my little furry helper!

Speaking of Bella, in a slight retaliation for hogging my knitting chair, I took the liberty of wrapping her in my Hitchhiker shawl... to which her response was, "Kitteh not amused!
The face says it all:

That said, I hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend. Happy Easter! Happy Passover!

 *~ Kristin ~*