Good Company

Tuesday, I took the morning off to visit my dear nemesis... the DMV. (It's been NINE months since the wedding!!!-- I thought it was time to take care of the name-change sitch.) Knowing I was in for several hours of waiting on line(s), I took along my new bestie, the Hitchhiker Shawl!

{Backtrack: I've been on a serious sock-knitting kick and after finishing the Cakewalk 'Clove' socks for Dennis and (for sanity's sake) I decided it was time to switch gears. Enter: Hitchhiker by Martina Behm}

{Double Backtrack: Before I could even visit the DMV in the city, I had to visit the Social Security office in Brooklyn... how I made this all happen between the hours of 8am-11am is beyond me!}

To put it simply, I'm in love with this pattern. I'm generally not a fan of garter stitch shawls-- and avoid them like the plague for fear of boredom. But watching several knitters cast on and progress, the concept intrigued me.

So, with a brand new skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, STR in the 'Smokin' Cuz I Am' colourway, I cast on and the rest is history!

{Tripple Backtrack: I cast said shawl on last weekend before our trip to IKEA because I knew we'd be in for a wait, returning some items in customer service}

Needless to say, given the amount of lines I've had to wait in these past few weeks, my Hitchhiker has been keeping me good company.