Color and Cabbage

It's been a lazy weekend-- my favorite kind! (With the exception of braving the city on St. Patrick's Day to bring our kitty to the vet, for her post-adoption check-up.) 

More adventures in hand-dyeing! While I was going to stick to a semi-solid color, I couldn't resist getting a little crazy. However, one thing I discovered by accident, is that kitty litter box liners make AWESOME dye motes! (Is that what they're called?) I've been using plastic bags, but the liners are long enough to accommodate the whole length of the skein! I'm probably not the first to discover this, but I felt pretty clever! 

So, over all I'm left with another colorway slightly out of my comfort zone, but I just love the combination of the yellows and purples!...Especially seeing how the red and blue dye adhere to the yarn at different rates. It creates a really pretty effect.

In other news...

On Friday, I got to fire up my crock pot! Instead of the usual Indian or Mexican cuisine, I decided to try something new... Stuffed Cabbage! I've tried making a non-slow-cook version of this in the past, but let's just say it was more like "gutted" than stuffed. I had more success this time around. Unfortunately, there are no plated photos. It was all gone before I remembered to take out my camera! I guess that's a good sign ;) 

Recipe Link - (note: We love spicy food, so I added 1/4 hot chili powder to give it a little kick!)

And finally, Bella has officially taken over my knitting chair!