As a knitter, I've crossed over to many-a-darkside. Two years ago, I swore I'd never knit a sock. Now, I can't seem to knit enough of them! I was also a devout DPNer. Now I'm a magic loop convert!

As the saying goes, "Don't knock it 'til you try it!"

Now, it seems I've really come full circle as a stereotypical "knitter" when me and the mister adopted a kitty last Sunday.

Yes, I am now a knitter... With a cat! Tell me, is the sky falling?

I've always been a dog person but an hour after playing with this gorgeous girl at the shelter, we were inseparable! I can't even begin to imagine who wouldn't want her.

Usually, I'm very wary around cats for fear of clawing, biting and/or general scheming (Heck, I have the childhood scars to prove it!) but she has yet to show that side of her, if it even exists!
She's like Jell-O in your arms, so lovable and walks around our apartment like a total glamour puss!... I could go on!

Anyway, meet Bella!... OK, its not what you think. I'm not projecting my vampire saga infatuations on her. Her name really is Bella, as stated on her rescue medical records... And fits her perfectly!

This also explains why I've barely been able to knit more than two rows this week!