Thanksgiving 2011

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! It's been a very busy (and yummy) past few weeks! Lots of things still on the needles, but one thing off the needles is an itty bitty cardigan I knit for my itty bitty nephew, Ezra!

I was stalking browsing Never Not Knitting's blog and was totally smitten with her version of the Baby Sophisticate Cardigan by Linden Down (pattern link). She knit hers using Malabrigo Worsted, which reminded me of some that I had languishing in an UFO bin. I pulled out the half-knitted Mara Shawl that I had started eons ago, ripped the whole thing out and immediately cast on this adorable cardigan!

It was so quick and easy to knit, that I was done in 2 days! I was a little worried the colorway (Black Forrest) would be too dark, and his parents might think I was trying to channel Robert Smith from The Cure. If it weren't for the ├╝ber cute light blue buttons, that might have been the case. Not that there's anything wrong with The Cure. I love The Cure! I walked down the isle of my wedding to a Classical rendition of Just Like Heaven... But 'emo-goth baby' wasn't what I was going for.

Thankfully, the buttons brightened it up a bit and his parents (and Ezra) LOVE it! Now all the kid needs is a pipe, a fireplace, some cozy slippers and he'll be all set!