Knitspiration: Color Love

Design-Seeds - Inspired Yarn
I'm officially on a color-kick! No longer do I avoid pink like the plague...  I gravitate towards anything grellow-- no matter how annoyingly trendy it may be. Also, web sites like Design Seed and Pinterest, only encourage this infatuation... and something tells me, I'm not alone.

I'm amazed by how just a few colors extracted from a photo of a bird, a landscape or anything at all, creates a mood! I can't think of  a better way to celebrate my favorite palettes than by knitting with them! (Let's face it... redecorating one's apartment can get expensive.)

{On a side note, when it comes to knitting fair isle or intarsia, it helps to be mindful when choosing colors... the right amount of contrast is needed or the pattern will be lost, and / or the colors may not jive as much as you hoped.} 

That being said, here are some of my favorite minimalist knitting patterns with interesting construction that I think are great for showing off color:

Clockwise from left: Box The Compass Pullover by Meg Swansen, Daybreak Shawl and Earth and Sky Shawl by Steven West, Color Block Hand Warmers by Purl SoHo, Stripe Study Shawl and Different Lines Shawl by Veera Välimäki
While browsing Pinterest, I stumbled on this color palette. It's from Design Seeds, and have been longing to knit something using similar colors. Naturally, I ordered some Knit Picks Palette yarn in the colorways Oyster Heather, Conch, Brass Heather, Bittersweet Heather and Sagebush, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to cast on a Daybreak shawl. Stay tuned!