Wish List: October

To better organize my knitting-- and prevent an influx of startitus and miscellany yarn splurges I'm  going to start up monthly Knitting Wish Lists. The idea is for me to choose 3 projects to focus each month... so here it goes!

1. To knit something using the following color scheme:

I ordered skeins in similar colorways in Knit Picks Palette. (Is it just me or have they jacked their prices up?) Regardless, I've been fawning over this color combo for some time. I must knit with it. I'm thinking a hat. Another Neep Heid is tempting, but for the sake of variety, I'm going to find something else. Suggestion box is open.

2. Knit a green cardigan. I've always wanted a green cardigan. I've searched high and low and have yet to find the perfect one. But why buy one when I can knit one? Pfft! I stumbled upon Velynda by Bonne Marie Burns... seems like a happy medium of complexity and ease--- with cables and raglan sleeves... unless I'm just identifying with the model, since she appears to be going through the same hair transition I'm currently going through... which is attempting to grow out the black hair... just saying. Otherwise, I totally want to knit this. Now to find the perfect shade of green wool.

Velynda Cardigan
3. Knit 5 Pairs of Socks. No joke. I'm going to get it ALL out of my system. There's so much more I want to accomplish knitting-wise that I feel like if I get the sock thing out of my system now, I can focus on learning new techniques -- and still have warm feet during the winter. Plus, Dennis is long overdue for another pair. Along with the KP Palette yarn, I ordered a few skeins of sock yarn. While I wait for those to come, I got a head start and cast on Flannery by Spilly Jane using KP Stroll in my favorite colorway, Basalt Heather-- the first pair I'm knitting of the non-vanilla variety!!! So far so good!

Photo by: SpillyJane

Of course there are many other things I'd like to add to my plate ((under breath: Dad's sweater, Ysodla's Little Birds Cardigan, finishing my Baby Cables and Big Ones Too Cardigan!)) But there's only so much I can handle. So Let's see how this "agenda" works out.