Musings: Seriously... What is It About Granny Squares?

Photo is unrelated: All blocked! Now we just need some chilly weather.
Anytime I lay eyes on a simple granny square pattern, it never fails. A little party goes off in my head and I silently squeal, "I need to make one!"
For the record, crochet is not my thing. But Granny squares seem so... how can I put this?... Fun! Easy! Neat! Organized!... and they just look awesome!-- every home needs one.  Which is exactly how this post from Pickles' blog made me feel today. Granny square pillows! So simple. So easy. So brilliant! I feel like a mad woman going on about this, but I seriously want to make a pair! I have no idea what's stopping me. I have the yarn to do it. It's just the will to go on... Whenever I set down to crochet something, I immediately lose interest maybe about 8 squares or 3 rows into a project. Again, it doesn't  hold the same fascination as knitting does for me. I think I'm just in love with the IDEA of crochet. Then again, it's a dream of mine to crochet at least ONE granny square blanket. I must! Life will not be complete unless I do so... along with a bunch of other things on the bucket list. But that's an entirely different blog post-- with a potentially long-term deadline.
 Knit us! Knnniiitttt ussss!!!
And so, a 3 day weekend lies ahead. What to do?... What to do?... Knit on my niece's sweater, of course! But already I have a few distractions. I need some lace in my life! And two skeins are calling out to me. Namely, some teal Halcyon Victoria 2-ply and antique lace Madeline Tosh Prairie. I could use some color... so I'm leaning towards the teal Halcyon. But Mad Tosh is so soft... very tempting. I am torn.

Here are a few patterns that I'm currently eyeballing:
Rock Island Shawl by Brooklyn Tweed
Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman -- there's also a rectangular version too! Very tempting as well.

Let me sleep on it... ;)