Color Quest

Grellow Neep Heid
Lately, I find I've been working more and more color into my knitting... breaking away from the neutral muted colors I usually gravitate towards. I'm not sure what brought this on, but I'm really excited about it!
This weekend I cast off my second Neep Heid. I loved knitting the first one so much (which I gifted to my niece) I knit another, using a different color scheme.  I've been obsessed with "grellow" -- or yellow, grey combinations as the kids on Pinterest call it. So for this version I used Knit Picks Palette in oyster heather, serpentine, bittersweet heather and cobble stone heather. There are no words. I'm in LOVE. Right now I have it blocking on a dinner plate. More pics to come!

Me and the mister are still hunting for an apartment. Yes, I know...we've been looking FOREVER! If HGTV had a show about us, it would be called House Hunters from Hell! Will Kristin and Dennis finally choose an apartment this season? It would be easy to settle on something, but we really want to make the right choice. While we have our hearts set on staying in Greenpoint / Willimamsburg, we're still keeping an open mind.

DUMBO horses are very friendly and photogenic!
Yesterday we went to an open house near DUMBO-- (an area of Brooklyn Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).  Over the past few years it's become pretty hip. Lots of galleries, art installations, artisans specialty shops and restaurants. The apartment we saw wasn't what we were looking for, but decided to take a walk over to the park. If you live nearby, you've probably read about Jane's Carousel, merry-go-round they restored and relocated by the water. An architect by the name of Jean Nouvel constructed this amazing glass enclosure for it-- the glass they used had to be at least 6" thick! Talk about hurricane proof. (the photos in the article crack me up... You can't help but imagine it's Dr. Evil riding the carousel) 
Brooklyn General Yarn Acquisition
And since we were in the area... I kind of, sort of begged Dennis to swing by Brooklyn General. So while he went off to his favorite bakery, I had some time to yarn shop. Of course, by the time he returned with a pecan tart I was still undecided. After he devoured said tart, I settled on some gorgeous Silky Merino Worsted Malabrigo in Raspberry-- how amazing is this color!? Again, this is a total 180 for my taste. I never do pink. I just don't. Except when I saw this colorway-- I jumped on it! The only question that remains is, what does it want to be? I have 300 yards to play with. I'm thinking, definitely a shawl or a scarf. But lace or cables? Hmm... I'll sleep on it.