Maine & The Hurricane

Teal Halcyon Victorian / Chocolate Village Farm Alpacas
Home from Maine! -- the land of lobster, gorgeous vistas and (who knew?) fiber! I've never been so far up north before... although Dennis has several times, so I let him lead the way. As for travel knitting, I brought the sweater I spoke of in my last post... the sweater that I was determined to finish before we left!-- But, surprise! I'm still not done... Hah! However, thanks to all the driving around we did-- (Camden, Booth Bay Harbor, Bailey Island, and of course the Freeport Outlets...!) I managed to put a huge dent in it and so I can safely say it's almost done! Woohoo!

We had a great time, however I'm amazed I survived! Born and raised in New York City, I am far from an out-doorsy person... and certainly have my limits! For example: Dennis rarely gets me onto a nature trail, a beach or into a canoe without me kicking and screaming, so to speak... and believe it or not, I don't even own a real pair of sneakers! I can't! No... I won't! If the weather is to cold, if the beach is too windy, water isn't the temperature of a well-drawn bath, or I get too sandy... I just whine and complain. Also, I absolutely REFUSE to use a port-o-potty. Trust me when I say, I'm not a fun person to be around in the wilderness. Don't get me wrong. I can love and appreciate nature, but I prefer to do so from a safe distance. Regardless, Maine is beautiful! It may have been chilly... and the mosquitoes may have won the blood battle... and Dennis did manage to drag me against my will into a canoe, AND got me to wear sneakers (if you can call a pair of slip-on canvas shoes that)... but the lobster, the scenery, and the amazing weather definitely made up for it. And then there was YARN!

The Halcyon Yarn Shop is amazing-- It's HUGE! It has rows and floor to ceiling shelves of fiber! They had the usual suspects: Cascade, Lamb's Pride, Noro, Malabrigo, Debbie Bliss... but the main attractions are the local yarns. I must've spent about 45 minutes perusing the shop. Thing is, I had no idea what to get! There was so much of it. I'm in sweater-knitting mode right now, so I was shopping with a sweater in mind... the great thing about this place is that the more yarn you buy, the lower the cost per skein... tempting, but at $8-$11 per 150 yd skein I was a little hesitant. And for whatever reason, I was drawn to coral shades. I'm not one to wear coral or pink, but the color kept drawing me in. Long story short, I bought 2 skeins of Halcyon Victorian 2-ply in a light teal... which is 100% sport weight wool. I'll be totally honest... their wool isn't the softest, but I'm all for supporting Local Yarn Shops and they do have really pretty colors. You get 325 yards per skein, so I could get a nice stole or shawl out of it all. If I had to compare it to Knit Picks, I'd say it's very similar to their palette line. Halcyon has other weights and fibers, like silk... but this is the one that I liked best. Also, going by a knitted sample, I believe the fibers soften up a bit. Here's hoping! If you ever find yourself up there, I highly recommend you check it out. They also sell spinning wheels and looms on the 2nd floor!

The next day, we headed up to the Pemaquid Lighthouse...On the way, we visited the Village Farm Alpacas & Shop in Waldoboro. Leave it to Dennis to find these places! It was a very small shop but I bought one skein of this dark chocolate alpaca worsted weight yarn.
It was $15 for a 150 yd skein... I would liked to have splurged on another skein but I already did significant damage at Halcyon. I figured I could use the leftover Frog tree yarn to knit a hat for Dennis. After the man who ran the farm / shop rang me up, he offered to show us the alpacas! As you can see, this was easily one of my favorite parts of the trip.

In other news, work and life have been keeping me busy as usual. Lately I've been glued to watching the show "Mad Men"... Netflix now allows you to stream it instantly. I'm on the 4th season now and trying to finish it up before the hurricane picks up.

And so, time to finish bracing ourselves for Hurricane Irene! We've stocked up on lots of canned beans, sardines, tuna, protein bars... Candles, flash light, batteries... it's going to be a fun one folks! I hope everyone along the U.S. east coast stays safe and dry! -- and finds themselves with lots of extra knitting time!