Diana + Me

Where Oh, where have I been?! It's embarrassing to think that I officially have 100 blog followers and I haven't been consistently blogging.

Where to begin? Well, my knitting mojo has been a little wonky these days. I temporarily lost interest in knitting my 'Making Waves' Cardigan and 'Cladonia' shawl for silly reasons. I hit a speed bump and the thought of having to rip back didn't strike my fancy so I put them aside.

So what did I do? I bit the bullet and picked up my Cladonia again! I ripped back and picked up all those little stitches! Now I'm about 10 rows into the lace edging and I still think I fudged it. It's hard to tell with baby alpaca. It's so fuzzy! I'm not sure what I'm going to do... I think I'll finish the lace edge, but if it still looks a off, I'll probably have to rip it back out... not looking forward to that.
But when you use nice yarn, such as Frog Tree, it's hard to justify or forgive work that's slap-dash.

Crochet had it's moment in the sun. I cast on several random projects which I don't think will ever see the light of day again. I made 10 granny squares during the last Cape trip and I just don't have the desire to go on.

I'm also using up some of my stash by knitting a sweater for my nephew-- and at the same time diving into the realms of steeking! I figure if I'm going to teach myself this "Scary" technique, a baby sweater is the way to go. Especially now, while the kid is still so tiny! Hehe! So, more on that when I actually get to the steeking part. I have a hunch it's not as scary as it sounds.
In other news, I have a new hobby that I'm enjoying very much! A few weeks ago I treated myself to a Diana f+ camera from Urban Outfitters. It's a plastic toy camera that takes 35mm film, and has a flash that comes with different colored gels you can swap in and out. They give photos, especially at night, a burst of color! I'm totally smitten with it! It takes great photos that are so dreamy and retro.
Dennis Fishing, Cape Cod
I could use my iPhone, or one of those photo apps that easily mimic those types of photos... but now to do that feels like cheating. I love how this camera forces me to consider each shot before I snap the photo, (after all there are under 30 snaps per roll!) It also forces me to think about exposure and focus. For example, on the way to work, for a few days I snapped the same photo, but each time I forgot to do something! So it's just a matter of training my brain to be more aware-- I must switch my auto setting to manual.
The best part? It's like Christmas every time I get the film developed!

Salt Marsh, Cape Cod
The sad thing is drug stores are beginning to fade out their film department. There are only 1 or 2 places near me that still do it-- and they're not cheap! To develop 1 roll of film usually costs over $10... so while I would love to have prints, I opt for them to put the photos onto a DVD. Which kind of defeats the purpose. But my plan is to compile my favorite shots and order prints at the end of the summer. SnapFish.com has some pretty good deals.

Adirondack Chairs, Cape Cod
OK, I've rambled on about my new camera long enough. But it would be neat to do a photo shoot with yarn. Of course, I had to order a close-up lens (the macro-obsessed chica that I am) so watch this space for some scandalous yarn pics!

National Seashore, Cape Cod
And so, I think it's time for another podcast... It's the weekend, but there's still some running around me and the Mister need to do. Hopefully I'll have some time tomorrow night to record a new show... but I hope this post tides you over :)
Happy knitting!

~ K

My Favorite Greenpoint Water Tower