I'm Not Jewish But...

As if life couldn't get anymore exciting-- this past week, on the 1st day of Summer, (June 21st, 2011) I became an Aunt... again! Dennis' brother's wife had a baby boy! Yay!

While Dennis' family is Jewish, I am not. However I was honored when his brother asked me to whip up a yarmulke for his son's upcoming Bris... since I have, and I quote "Mad knitting skillz."

I was so excited, I scoured Ravelry and the internet for a decent yarmulke pattern and found this great free crochet pattern from Purlbee.com. It was so quick and simple to make, I feel like making 10 more! The kid will be set for every Jewish occasion! hehe

I was worried I didn't have the correct crochet hook size, but I stumbled on this huge tube of knitting needles and crochet hooks at a flea market in Poughkeepsie for just $5!!! I dumped it out and sure enough, there was a size D crochet hook in there. W00t! I also used the ArtYarns UltraMerino4 sock yarn that I purchased from La Casita a few years ago. Talk about a great stash-busting pattern! :)

Other than that, life is returning back to normal... post wedding mayhem. A new episode of YarnGasm will be up soon! I promise! -- and yes, a few wedding photos too!

All These for $5.00!