Tutorial: Knitting with Beads

As promised, a bead knitting tutorial using a needle threader!
If you're already familiar with incorporating beads into your knitting, there are several ways to thread beads into your yarn.

A common method is threading beads onto your yarn before you start your project. But this can be tedious, especially if the project calls for numerous beads or if you're not sure how many beads you'll need.

Another method is to thread beads as you knit using a crochet hook or bead threader for smaller needles. In this case you want to make sure you thread your beads 1 row above the actual row you want your bead to be... I learned this method watching Lucy Neatby's video tutorial.

However, my beads were too tiny for a crochet hook and I didn't have a bead threader. I was determined to find a way! It then occurred to me, to try using a needle threader instead... and it worked wonders! These are inexpensive and come with almost every sewing kit. So, here's what I did:

1.) slide a bead to the base of the needle threader...

2.) Carefully slip the first stitch off your left needle and insert stitch loop through the eye of the needle threader...
3.) Slip the bead off the needle threader so that it's now at the base of the slipped stitch.
4.) Carefully remove the stitch loop from the eye of the needle threader and place back on left needle...
5.) Knit the stitch.

As you can see, the bead now lies 1 row below the current row.

And that's all there is to it! As with any knitting technique, this is just another way to knit with beads. That being said, you may enjoy this method, or you may find it to be be a little fiddly... Either way, there's no wrong or right method, so choose the one that works best for you.

I hope you enjoyed and feel free to ask me any questions. :)