Episode 22: School of Stash

Holden Shawlette using Quince & Co.'s Tern yarn

Listen here:
Apologies in advance for the excessive "umms & uhhs..." and popping P's.... It's been a long week ;-)

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  • Half-way done with my wedding shawl! (Madli's Shawl from Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush)
  • The Holden Shawlette has been my couch potato knitting... I'm using Quince & Co's Tern in the Fern colorway.

    Wedding Shawl 50% Finished!

    WEDDING 411

    According to Dennis, I look like Frank Zappa
    This week I made some test chocolate mustaches... for wedding favors. Here's the link for chocolate molds I was talking about: http://www.streichs.com