Episode 19: A Party in Every Stitch

My apologies for the show notes delay-- life happens! But without further ado, I give you photos galore and more!


Off my needles:
On my needles:

Pattern suggestions for beginner Fair Isle (aka Stranded) knitters:
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REVIEW Dear Husband Yarn

Sock knitted from Dear Husband Kona Sport
100% Merino Superwash Wool
Colorway: Her Name is Rio

This week I had the pleasure of reviewing a skein of Dear Husband Yarn, compliments of Tim Pintsch of @DearHusbandDyes! Tim and his wife Tanya run Pintsch Textile Specialties, a very small company out of their home where they dye yarn. Their yarn line is called Dear Husband and sports Tim’s mug-- I love the label! It’s made to look very vintage-- with old English text and there is in fact a photo of Tim on there, in 1920s attire, complete with monocle! How cool is that? Also, they just got into their first Local Yarn Shop in Kingston PA, so congrats to that Tim and Tanya!

My Bloody Valentine - "Sometimes"
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