Episode 16: Oma-Oy-Vey!

Snowy Greenpoint, Brooklyn

How I Learned to Knit:
  • Obernheim, Germany Sadly, I couldn't find much on this place.
  • My blog from the knitting days of Yore! (c. 2004)

Oma's Rescued Stash

What's Stitching:
My Knitty New Year Resolutions:
  • Knit in public more
  • Knit less socks -- no more until I finish Cassidy!
  • Learn new techniques
  • Design a new pattern!
Namaste Purse: The Best Xmas Gift... EVER!

Yarn Porn: KP's Basalt Heather

LaPurplePenguin's Lilac Leaf Shawl

His & Her's Socks

Snowball Cocktail

"All My Friends" - Franz Ferdinand (LCD Soundsystem cover)
(iTunes Link)